How To Set Out The Marble Of The Outer Wall?

The exterior wall stone requires dry hanging installation or back bolt installation; Conventional stone dry hanging adopts code chip dry hanging, which is mainly used on the upper and lower end faces and left and right sides of the stone. This installation method is mainly applicable to the wall perpendicular to the ground, and the specification shall not be too large; Back bolt installation is often used for inclined walls or external walls with large specifications and heavyweight.

Before setting out, be familiar with the design drawings, see the plan, elevation, and section node drawings, and understand the parts of stone to be processed and the installation method stone; In principle, when we set out, the steel frame has been completed, and it is more accurate to measure the size of stone according to the steel frame, because the steel frame is more accurate than civil engineering, and the steel frame is a relatively accurate measurement standard;

Of course, we can’t blindly trust the steel frame. We must check the steel frame in combination with the installation detail drawing. Setting out dimensions include plane dimensions and height dimensions.

When measuring the plane size, we take them outside of the steel frame as the basis, divide them into several relatively independent areas according to different elevation areas according to the plan, and number the areas in order counterclockwise according to the plan. To ensure the measurement accuracy, we can measure it at the height of the horizontal line.

Where there are windows, the position of the window shall be accurately positioned. If the window frame is not installed, we cannot measure accurately. The size of the window line and side plate must be combined with the detailed drawing of the node of the window frame, and the flatness of the installation of the window frame shall be measured and tested at multiple points to determine the accurate blanking size of the side plate.

The basis and standard of height measurement is the horizontal line. The elevation on the drawing is for reference. The height should also be divided into areas. It can be divided reasonably according to the segmentation style of the exterior decoration drawing and the floor height. The positioning size of doors and windows is also very important!

After the steel frame size measurement is completed, we draw the size drawing of the stone finished surface according to the installation node drawing. For the division and layout of stone, we should first refer to the customer’s design specifications and sizes, and properly adjust the plate specifications in combination with the position of doors and windows. We should not only consider the output rate of stone but also ensure the overall effect of the design.

For the treatment of internal and external corners, judge whether the additional allowance is required for stone blanking according to the design node scheme? Because there will be errors in measurement, processing, and installation, the size of the external corners on the left and right sides shall be as accurate as possible! For the external corner treatment scheme, it is recommended to use the plate pressing plate or leave the chicken mouth to skim the bottom. For the internal corner, it is recommended to use the plate pressing plate and add appropriate allowance on the pressed side.

Joints are generally required for exterior wall construction, and the specific data shall be determined according to the design requirements. During typesetting and segmentation, it must be considered to determine the cutting size of the stone after joints are reserved.

The setting out work is sorted out, and the sketch of on-site surveying and mapping is sorted into computer files. At the same time, it is also the inspection of on-site surveying work. If problems are found, you can go to the site for review in time. For the sorted drawings, the installation position relationship shall be clear, the overall structure shall be clear, there shall be detailed node drawings and detail drawings, and the materials of each part shall be indicated. Submit it to the construction team for review, signature, and confirmation, and then send it back to the order.   

The above is about the setting out of exterior wall stone. This article will be written here first. If you have better skills about setting out of exterior wall stone, I look forward to your email at

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