How To Select Marble Blocks In Stone Mines?

Stone manufacturers need to go to the mines or stockyards for material points, especially imported marble waste materials due to the production demand. Facing these vast mines, a wide range of wasteland, how to choose? We will talk about this article.

● The main factors influencing the quality of stone waste materials are as follows

Crack line, hole, weathering, yin and Yang color, pattern change, color gall color line, and corner shortage will affect the quality of waste materials.

1. The quality standard of stone in China is higher than the international standards, and the color line and color gall are defined as defects and serious color line color galls. Chinese consumers are also difficult to accept, so much waste materials should be removed as appropriate.

2. For granite and pure white marble, limestone (sandstone), the cracks of large and small size are not allowed and must be removed.

3. Marble can be repaired, but large crack lines and through crack lines will lead to waste materials in cutting, transportation, and subsequent processing, resulting in fracture or even breakage, resulting in waste and accidents, so it should be resolutely removed.

● The output quantity is determined by the height of the waste material

The size of a waste material specification should consider the processing length, height, and width of the marble row saw. The size of the general saw cutting plate is 3200, and the specification in the three directions of length, width, and height is 3200 × two thousand × Within 2000mm, the specifications of waste materials shall be controlled in this range as much as possible. Special specifications shall be consulted with relevant manufacturers.

For the waste materials of the small board surface, the size of the Board shall be considered later, which is convenient for cutting into 700 at the site × 700mm,800 × 800mm or other commonly used specification plates, and a further 50mm margin shall be reserved.

From the aspect of large board sales, the price of the uniform large plate surface is higher than that of the small board. Some decoration projects in China have 2400mm long door liner and Roman column, which are required to be formed once, and segmented processing is not allowed, so the length can meet this requirement better.

The length control is the first step in material selection. 2500mm waste material is the best suitable for the finished product demand of 800x800mm.

● The width of waste material is also crucial

It determines how many pieces of a board can be produced, and 1650mm width is the best for 800x800mm products.

The appearance of qualified waste materials

Each piece of waste material must be cleaned on five sides to see whether it is difficult to ensure that its texture meets the requirements. There are many cracks in the unqualified waste material.

The above are the requirements for the selection of small quantities of waste materials. For large-scale waste material procurement, in addition to following the above principles, special attention should be paid to the following points:

● It is necessary to conduct a comprehensive investigation of the selected waste materials. Some mines have multiple ore openings, and the products of each mine-mouth are also changed. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive and detailed investigation, including the production, classification of grades, the number of waste materials in the same layer, and other details.

● The overall planning of materials required for the project must ensure that the waste materials required for the project, whether it is the pattern, color, size, etc., should be consistent. For some special materials, such as tracing patterns, for college, it is important to choose the same layer of waster.

● After choosing the waste materials, we must spray our own marks with spray paint, and the mining company also spray an English mark. If you are careful, we can take photos of the selected waste materials for the bottom. After completion of these, the other party shall issue a formal invoice and a list of quantities to facilitate export customs clearance and other matters.

It is a very challenging job to select waste materials. In order to do well, in addition to the rich experience, special care and effort are needed. Well, this article will be written here first. If you want to share the interesting stories you choose, please send me an email at

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