Seamless Processing Process Of Marble

We are not unfamiliar with marble, so we are also familiar with marble mosaics. The glue filling process of a marble mosaic is mainly different from the nursing comparison of other ordinary stones. The difference lies in the seamless treatment, which is what we usually call the glue filling link.

1. Difficulties

1)    Small gap

We all know that now marble mosaic is generally computer drawing and water knife cutting, and the process is much more advanced than the traditional manual mosaic. Therefore, the gap of the marble mosaic after installation is often less than 0.1mm. In addition, the mosaic of computer drawing is also more complex, so it is more difficult to supplement glue for marble mosaic.

2)    Cumbersome

Computer graphics can design extremely complex mosaics. Although the effect is very beautiful, a small mosaic can be an amazing workload for glue filling. Therefore, the quotation of parquet products must be carefully calculated.

2. Purpose and significance of glue replenishment

Different from ordinary stone care engineering, the glue filling treatment of stone mosaic is of more important significance.

1) Achieve true seamless

Although parquet can achieve minimal error, it must be repaired by glue to fill the gap and form a real overall surface. Play the role of anti-fouling and anti-wear

2) Defect repair

In the process of transportation and installation, stone mosaic is easy to produce some detailed defects, which need to be repaired by patching

3) Artistic rendering

Some parquet designs need to use the dark and light colors of glue to show better artistic effects. If dark marble glue is used, the glue patch connection can be separated to make the color of the mosaic fuller and more natural, so as to improve the overall effect of the mosaic.

3. Construction process

The main difficulty of stone splicing processing technology is seamless processing, which is also different from general stone care engineering. Therefore, the problem of seamless treatment of stone mosaic is solved. The next grinding and polishing are the same as the general stone care engineering. The main steps are:

1) Selection of adhesive

Marble glue and transparent glue shall be used for stone mosaic and glue supplement. The selected marble dolomite glue must meet the following requirements

● Good bonding performance is required

● To have good polishing performance, after grinding and polishing, it should be consistent with the gloss of stone.

● Be easy to color. The color matching performance of dolomite glue is related to the fineness of the powder contained. If the fineness of the powder of dolomite glue reaches 300# or more, it has good color matching performance and is not easy to change color. The inferior dolomite glue is even 0# below the particle size, which is not easy to color and lose color.

2) Clean the gap

If the gap of the marble mosaic is less than 02. mm, we should note that mechanical operation is not allowed in the joint cleaning process. If a portable cutting machine, joint cleaning piece, and other equipment are used. On the one hand, it is easy to cause gap cutting and amplification, on the other hand, it produces high heat, resulting in edge collapse and other problems, damaging the overall decorative effect

Correct method: manual cleaning, select thin Seiko blade; In some places, even ultra-thin razors are needed for cleaning. When cleaning, the speed should be slow to avoid damage to the mosaic details. After cleaning, use a high-power vacuum cleaner to suck away the dust at the gap.

If the marble mosaic gap is > 0.2mm, and the marble mosaic area is large and the gap is relatively wide, we can use a portable cutting machine + 0.2mm joint cleaning piece for cleaning.

● When cleaning the marble mosaic, be sure to keep the original appearance of the stone. Don’t widen the gap,

● Don’t cut it at the end of the gap between marble and stone,

● And don’t cut string seams,

● In addition, when cleaning the mosaic joint cleaning sheet of marble stone, it shall be kept 90 degrees perpendicular to the marble stone, otherwise, it will lead to marble edge collapse.

In short, the seamless processing technology of marble is a very complex process, which requires careful and familiar with various operational processes. Well, this article will be written here first. If you have more good suggestions, you are welcome to email me at

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