How To Repair The Damaged Stone On The Ground?

Stone has many advantages, so it is widely used, especially in the large-area ground, and the effect is more shocking. However, if we use improper methods, resulting in the damage of ground stones, how can we deal with such a situation? In this article, let’s talk about the repair of damaged stone on the ground.

Causes of stone floor damage

1. The settlement and tearing of the ground foundation lead to the cracking of the surface stone.

2. External damage leads to the damage of ground stones.

3. Choosing marble from stone to lay the ground has left future problems.

On the one hand, when people choose stone, they often only pay attention to color, without considering the differences in weather resistance and wear resistance between marble and granite. On the other hand, most of the imported stones were marble. At that time, the processing technology of granite was not as advanced as it is now, and most of the colors and styles of marble were elegant, which makes it a fashion to choose marble for indoor stones, which is also the main reason for the more problems of stone surface marble.

4. Humid environment.

The main component of marble is calcium carbonate, which will expand under the action of water, so the loose part of the stone structure will burst first, leaving a stone pit on the marble ground. Marble is basically composed of calcium carbonate. When calcium carbonate meets water, it will react, causing the stone surface to expand and fall off, resulting in potholes on the marble panel The formed stone pit will continue to pulverize in a humid environment, making the surrounding rocks lose.

5. Wrong protection methods.

In terms of some owners and constructors, although they painted protective agents on the marble in advance, there were still problems when it was paved on the ground. On the one hand, the cracks and lose parts of the stone have not been well repaired, and the back of the stone is quickly damaged by large water pressure due to moisture. On the other hand, although protection is also made on the front of the marble, the water on the ground will also enter the interior of the stone along the cracks and loose parts on the back of the stone, destroy the internal structure of the stone, resulting in pathological changes of the stone, thus forming a vicious circle.

6. Wear and tear destroyed the luster of the marble surface.

The hardness of some marble is not very high and the strength is average Therefore, the marble ground, especially in many places, will soon lose its luster. Such as corridor, lobby, counter, etc.

Countermeasures to prevent stone floor damage

From the above analysis of the causes of stone floor damage, it can be seen that water is the main cause of stone damage, except that marble paving surface with loose material should not be selected as far as possible.

For solving the problem of water, we all know that we should brush protective agent on the stone remove the water on the stone and the back of the stone, and then repair and make up for the damage of the stone, to block the stone from being infringed by water again.

● Stone floor repair method

1. Repair defect surface

After long-term use of marble stone, there will inevitably be defective parts. After determining the marble defect surface, the first thing we need to do is to clean up the defected part, absorb the dust with a vacuum cleaner, and ensure that there is no water residue in this part. The damaged large marble shall also be cleaned and dried for standby. Cut into the size of the defective part, block it, and then grind and polish it.

2. Repair hole surface

The stone hole is also a defective part of the stone after long-term use. Of course, the hole must be cleaned before the marble hole is repaired, and then the dust must be absorbed with a vacuum cleaner, and then the discarded stone with the same quality shall be crushed. The discarded stone shall also be cleaned and filled with resin glue. The filling is 3 ~ 4mm higher than the stone surface. After the resin glue is completely dry, Smooth with a grinder and waits for refurbishment.

3. Repair joint

Some stones will have joints in the process of laying. If the joints between stones are not strictly treated, a black joint will inevitably be formed between stones. Before the renovation, the black joint must be cleaned with a scratch needle, blade, or seam opener, and then the dirt in the black joint shall be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, Finally, use strong glue to adjust it to a color close to the stone, and fill all the gaps.

4. Repair crack

Crack is one of the problems that will appear after the long-term use of stone. To repair the marble crack, first clean the dirt in the crack, then suck up the dust in the crack with a vacuum cleaner, and finally repair the crack with crack repair glue. The stone surface is polished, and its surface luster is restored by RE polishing or regrinding. By repairing the damaged stone floor, the clean, bright and perfect floor effect is displayed in front of people.

About the repair of damaged stone on the ground, we’ll stop here first. I look forward to your email Feedback more good methods.

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