How To Repair Broken Marble Products?

The repair of broken marble products is an indispensable processing technology, which is also a daily work in the processing of marble products. It is very important to work. After all, the quality of marble fracture repair directly affects the quality of products and the safety of products in long-distance transportation and construction.

Stone processing enterprises all know the importance of fracture repair, but it is rare to repair broken marble. The reason is that the process of fracture repair in Dali is not correct, the staff in the repair work did not seriously follow the process, the broken products were not repaired, and the strength of the glue was not enough. So how to repair the broken marble products? Let’s talk about this article.

●    Repair tools

1. Rubber hammer

2. Fiber mesh

3. Aluminum strip, rubber strip, and stainless steel strip

Aluminum strips, adhesive strips, and stainless steel strips are commonly used to increase the adhesive strength of broken stones.

4. Unsaturated resin adhesive, epoxy resin adhesive, dolomite adhesive, and dry hanging adhesive

Unsaturated resin glue, epoxy resin glue, dolomite glue, and dry hanging glue must be used in the reinforcement of broken stone, which is an indispensable chemical substance for the reinforcement of broken stone.

●   Reinforcement technology of large plate

Marble plate reinforcement technology is a very common processing technology in marble plate processing, but it needs operators to do it carefully to strengthen the marble plate. However, in fact, although the marble plate has been reinforced by glue, it will still break in the processing. Obviously, this is because the glue reinforcement has not played a role.

1. In general, most stone processing enterprises will not choose the glue of good quality or different stone materials for cost consideration when repairing the broken marble; Since the use of qualified glue, but not in strict accordance with the proportion, also led to no reinforcement

2. To pursue product, efficiency, and more output, the board surface is not dry and the joint is not cleaned up;

3. For such a seriously fractured slab, it is not reinforced with plastic rods or steel bars at the fracture, but only with a thin fiber mesh, which can not play the role of reinforcement and has low reinforcement strength.

To mend the broken plate, we must strictly follow the technological process of mending the broken plate

(1) Dry the board

The results show that the moisture on the surface of the board and at the fracture affects the adhesive strength.

(2) Clean and clean the dust on the surface of large plate and fracture

Because the dust affects the adhesive force and then affects the strength of the glue.

(3) Application of glue to repair fracture surface of fracture plate

Marble board is usually repaired by scraping resin glue, and some places may not be filled with resin glue. The correct way is to scrape the dolomite glue to the fracture surface and use the dolomite glue to bond the fracture plate together.

(4) The fracture is reinforced with a reinforcing bar

In addition to the fiber mesh reinforcement, the broken slab should be reinforced with reinforcing rods at the fracture. The reinforcement of the broken plate only relies on the thin fiber mesh reinforcement to ensure that the production, processing, and construction are not broken. It feels like a dream.

Strictly follow the above four steps to repair the broken plate. I believe that the quality of repairing the broken plate will be much better.

●   Reinforcement technology of Engineering slab

Engineering plate is the most common product in stone processing, so the fracture and glue mending of marble engineering plate is a common work in marble product processing. It is of great significance to mend it. It can greatly improve the marble output rate of processing enterprises, reduce the cost of main materials of stone, and improve the profits of stone processing enterprises.

There are many similarities between the glue mending of Engineering plate fracture and that of large plate fracture. Besides the four points mentioned above, there are also their own characteristics.

(1) The color of the glue at the fracture is basically the same as that of marble

This is not only the most basic principle of mending glue in fracture Dali but also the technological principle of mending glue in fracture engineering plates.

(2) The glue at the fracture cannot expand or contract

The glue at the repair part of the fracture engineering plate shall not expand or contract. To avoid this phenomenon, choose low expansion and shrinkage glue; The proportion of curing agent and adhesive is strictly required when mixing; When patching, the place to be repaired is dry without moisture and moisture.

(3) A reinforcing bar must be added behind the fracture to increase the strength of the fracture

To repair the broken marble, reinforcing bars must be added to the broken part. The reinforcing bars can be stainless steel bars, aluminum bars, or plastic bars. If the marble fracture is serious, it is recommended to use stainless steel bar reinforcement, because the strength of stainless steel bar is high; Some materials can be reinforced with adhesive tape; It is recommended to use plastic rods or stainless steel bars to reinforce white and jade stones that are not polluted. Never add steel bars that have not been deducted.

●    Reinforcement of broken marble line blank

The reinforcement of broken marble line blank follows all the above process principles, and is higher than the requirements of the Engineering plate, because the price of the line is relatively higher than the engineering plate, and the line belongs to the ornament product of stone decoration. Customers pay more attention to the product quality of line, and the inspection of line products is more strict, more serious, more detailed, and full.

Due to the heavy quality of the line, the broken marble line must be reinforced with a reinforcing rod after glue mending, and it is reinforced in the whole length direction to prevent the blank from breaking from other places.

●    Some suggestions on the repair of the fracture

1. The fracture is repaired and treated aesthetically

The back reinforcement shall not affect the appearance quality of the product. Although it is the back, it should be cleaned after the reinforcement is completed. Or lay a new fiber net, so that the product can be better, and the customers can accept the broken stone, and the output value is much higher than the value of more cost.

2. The fracture is clean and dry

The reason why marble breaks are because there are cracks. Mud and other dirt are naturally hidden in the cracks. When processing, water will enter into the cracks. If the dirt and moisture in the cracks are not cleaned up when filling glue, it is impossible to form a high-strength adhesive force between glue and marble, and the secondary fracture of the board after filling glue is very normal.

3. The broken repaired marble surface needs to be polished

After repairing the broken marble, no matter how high the level of mending glue is, the master can’t do it. Now the customer has extremely strict requirements on the quality acceptance of marble surface and refuses to accept it with a little touch. After grinding and polishing, the repaired marble surface not only makes the repaired part smooth and smooth but also eliminates the phenomenon of bad surface flatness when repairing the broken marble.

4. The glue in the mending place can stand the test of time and never change color

It’s not easy to do this, especially white marble. But this is the rigid index of broken marble repair. The glue in the broken marble repair area turns yellow, black, and blue, which is not tolerated and accepted by any customers.

Marble resources are extremely limited, good marble resources are even less, and the marble resources without cracks are even less, so it is more important to repair the marble with high quality. How to make good use of the limited marble resources and make full and maximum use of each square of marble resources is the unshirkable responsibility and obligation of stone processing enterprises. Well, today’s article is written here. If you have more information, you are welcome to send me an email at。

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