How Is Marble Slab Produced?

You who have visited the stone market must have seen rows of marble, square, bright, and beautiful. Do you know how it was made? This article will take you to understand the whole process

  1. Block Selection

This link is very important. The quality and size of block materials are directly related to the later effect and cost. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully study the size of the project site, and then carry out reasonable material selection combined with the processing size and the effect of the project requirements. Of course, some blocks may not be very regular, so they need to be trimmed.

2.Manual Coating

Marble, as a product of nature, has a natural texture but also has natural defects, such as brittle hardness, large cracks, many pores, and so on. Therefore, before the processing of block materials, the block materials should be wrapped with glue manually, which can not only strengthen the stone but also solve the above problems, to improve the yield of block cutting, Reduce the amount of repair in the subsequent process.


Use a gantry crane to lift the block wrapped with glue onto the trolley and reinforce it, and then use the trolley to feed it into the sawing machine


Before sawing, we must adjust the saw according to the requirements, that is, adjust the distance between the saw blades, which can also be understood as the thickness of the stone plate. At present, BM big saw is commonly used in China. Under normal circumstances, the block is sawed on the big saw and cut down 12mm per hour. The processing time of each block is about 11 hours. At present, the conventional plate thickness is 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 25mm, other thicknesses can be customized.


Transport the cut board out. At this time, the board is put on the trolley.

6.Lifting And Unloading Large Slab

The large plates are numbered on the trolley, and then tied and lifted to the transfer area. Generally, 12-16 plates are tied together

7.Drying Slab

Put the whole bundle of large plates on the drying rack for natural drying. Of course, there are automatic drying machines now. Don’t put it away after it’s dry, it’s convenient for the next process.

8.Back Net Scraping

Marble board texture is relatively soft, so add a layer of fiber mesh on the back and glue; Scrape a layer of glue (generally AB glue or epoxy resin glue) on the front to fill the holes, sand holes, and gaps on the stone surface. After scraping, it needs at least 24 hours of natural drying or 3 hours of drying in the dryer to grind and polish, otherwise, it can not meet the quality requirements. This process must ensure that the glue is completely dry.


This link has two purposes. One is to obtain the flatness and glossiness of the stone surface; The second is to fully reflect the internal color, texture, and gloss of stone through surface processing, so this process is very important. Now the commonly used equipment is an automatic polishing machine, to meet the various needs of customers, generally will go through rough grinding, fine grinding, fine grinding, and polishing these four steps, out of the finished marble plate.

10.Receiving Party Warehousing

After polishing, the finished product board shall be tied (if necessary), and the quality inspection shall be done well to determine the product level. The receiving party shall enter the warehouse and fill in the code sheet. The corresponding code sheet shall be pasted on the front of the first board or the back of the last board of each binding board, to facilitate customers to watch

This is the whole process from block to slab. Every link is very important. For example, special attention should be paid to the loading block and lifting slab. Of course, with the continuous improvement of various equipment and technology, the quality and efficiency of the production board have been greatly improved. I believe that with the popularization and application of more intelligent equipment, future production will be more efficient and the quality will be more perfect. About this production process, I hope you can put forward more valuable suggestions, You are welcome to email me at

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