How To Process Parallelogram Stone?

There are many parallelogram special-shaped plates in the processing of stone products, especially the side plates of stairs. The wall protection plates at stairs are often processed into parallelogram plates. In addition, there are a large number of special-shaped plates in mosaic. So how is parallelogram stone processed? Let’s briefly introduce this article.

1、 Parallelogram special-shaped plate processing equipment

Parallelogram special-shaped plate processing equipment includes a hand-operated cutting machine, bridge cutting machine, electronic bridge cutting machine, water knife machine, and processing center. Each equipment has its characteristics, and there are differences in processing accuracy and production efficiency. The most common processing technology is generally processed by bridge-cutting machines.

2、 The most commonly used equipment for processing parallelogram special-shaped plate is bridge cutting machine

The traditional bridge cutting machine rotates on the worktable, so the traditional bridge cutting parallelogram plate has its limitations. When the parallelogram special-shaped plate is at any angle, the angles of each parallelogram special-shaped plate are different, the processing is extremely inconvenient, the production efficiency is low, and the accuracy of the parallelogram is poor.

When the parallelogram special-shaped plate is cut by the bridge cutter, many bridge cutter masters like to process it compared with the template, which is more convenient and has higher cutting accuracy. The bridge cutter is used to cut the flat quadrilateral special-shaped plate. First, the bridge cutter is used to cut the long strip according to the size, and the width is the vertical height of the parallelogram. Several parallelogram special-shaped plates can be combined and opened, which can save materials and improve the output rate of stone. It can be seen from Figure 3 that the bridge cutting machine cuts special-shaped plates according to the article.

After the long strip is cut, rotate the cut edge of the material to be cut parallel to the saw blade. Cut along the edge to be cut until it is finished, the whole strip of material and parallelogram cutting is completed, and continue to cut subsequent materials. Pay attention to different directions when cutting parallelogram special-shaped plates. Some careless bridge cutter operators often cut in the wrong direction.

3、 New bridge cutting machine for cutting special-shaped plate

Now there are many new bridge cutting machines whose heads can rotate at any angle. A remarkable feature different from the traditional bridge cutting machine is that it is not the rotation of the worktable to realize the change of the angle of the workpiece, but the 360 ° rotation of the head to realize the change of the cutting angle. It can cut the parallelogram plate at any angle, and the angle is very accurate. The new bridge cutting machine is used to cut the parallelogram plate with high efficiency and good precision, and the bridge cutting operator has low labor intensity. It can directly cut the parallelogram plate on the large plate without dividing the strip. After moving the plate from the workbench, move the strip to the workbench for cutting when cutting the parallelogram plate. Therefore, the efficiency of cutting parallelogram special-shaped plates with this bridge cutting machine is higher.

4、 Cutting parallelogram with water jet cutter

Water jet cutting machine is suitable for the processing of large quantities of parallelogram special-shaped plates. It is more suitable for parallelograms with high processing accuracy and splicing angle accuracy. As long as the large plate is installed on the machine table, the operator doesn’t care until the large plate is cut by the water cutter, one person can open multiple water cutters to reduce labor costs.

5、 Parallelogram test

There are two methods for the inspection of parallelogram plates. One is to measure the four sides of a parallelogram with tape. This method is difficult to measure when the product is large, and it is not easy to measure accurately; The template inspection method is only suitable for batch parallelogram plates. For scattered parallelogram plates, template inspection is too wasteful, and the template is also machined. Once the template is used up, the template will lose its function, because the size of each batch of parallelogram plates can not be the same, so it is difficult to reuse.

6、 Precautions for parallelogram machining

Parallelogram special-shaped plates generally have a splicing relationship. Parallelogram plates used for mosaic must have a splicing relationship. Therefore, when processing the parallelogram special-shaped plate, we should understand the drawings and clarify the installation relationship. When cutting the parallelogram special-shaped plate, we should consider whether to reduce the side length and how much to reduce to ensure the installation quality of the parallelogram plate. The cutting of the parallelogram plate shall ensure the standard angle, and the accuracy shall be controlled at – 1 ° ~ – 2 °, and the angle shall be smaller than that in the drawing to ensure no problem in installation. The inspection shall be strengthened in the cutting process to prevent the occurrence of batch unqualified products.

Marble plate is not an invariable rectangle, square, etc. marble parallelogram gives people a new visual experience, very high-end atmosphere. Well, this article will be written here first. There will be other articles on the application of parallelogram stone in the later stage. I look forward to your email discussion at

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