The Most Popular 14 Kinds Of Black Marble

The black stone is more and more widely used in decoration design and has gradually become a favorite in the field of high-end design. What popular common black marble is on the market? In this next article, we will roam in the world of black marble.

Black Golden Flower

1. Basic information:

English Name: PORTO

Origin: China, Italy, Afghanistan, Australia

Category: Marble

2. Physical properties:

Compression resistance: 212MPa; Bending resistance: 22.4mpa; Water absorption: 0.054%

3. Classification:

According to the layout effect, the black golden flower can be divided into large flower, medium flower, and small flower. According to the pattern effect, it can also be divided into two kinds: one is fine grain golden yellow and the other is ribbon gray. Its layout effect is beautiful and has its advantages.

4. Panel features:

The board surface takes black as the background color, the texture is golden yellow, the texture is thin, and the brightness is very good. The basic tone is black, and the golden yellow stripes are intermittently and evenly distributed in stripes, just like a layer of yellow-golden flowers scattered on the black satin, giving people a sense of stability and mobility. After use, it reflects its unique magnificence, gorgeous and nobility. It is a rare good product in stone.

5. Scope of application:

Wall finishes, floors, countertops, columns and background walls, etc

● Plateau impression

English Name: platform impression

Category: quartzite

Features: the grain is similar to the wood grain, and its performance advantages such as hardness, wear resistance, anti-pollution, waterproof and anti-corrosion are unmatched by any wood.

Scope of application: household countertop

Silver Dragon

1. Basic information

English Name: Silver Dragon

Category: Marble

Origin: Guangxi and Hubei, mainly Guangxi

physical characteristics

Bulk density: 2.686g/cm3; Water absorption: 0.167%; Compressive strength: 628.5mpa; Flexural strength: 135.6mpa; Surface porosity: 0.469%

2. characteristic

The grain color is divided into two kinds according to its appearance, black and gray. In the black system, the bottom is black and the texture is white, while in the gray system, the bottom is dark gray and the texture is white.

3. Scope of application:

Decorative materials for indoor walls, columns, floors, etc. of large public buildings such as shopping malls, libraries, airports, and stations can also be used for stair railings, service desks, door faces, dados, windowsill plates, skirting plates, etc

Black Roland

English Name: Port Laurent, generally called Laurent black in the market

Category: Marble

Origin: France


The background color is black, the texture is simple and neat, in a straight line. The thickness matching is harmonious, which makes the whole layout clear, neat, and regular. Whether it is the color matching or the line structure, it looks very comfortable, simple, and generous. The elegant and concise black-and-white tone and the black stone bring people’s mysterious imagination and the diffusion of thoughts, Perfect for luxury and luxury.

Scope of application: ground, wall, and background wall

Black and white root

1. Basic information

English Name: Black Marquina

Origin: Spain, Guangxi Province, Hubei Province, China

Category: Marble

2. Physical properties

Bulk density: 2.68.8g/cm3; Water absorption: 0.168%; Compressive strength: 628.8mpa; Flexural strength: 135.8mpa; Surface porosity: 0.468%

3. Characteristics

The background color is black, the root shape is white, the luminosity is good, and it is easy to glue.

4. Scope of application: it is often used in toilets.

Tea jade

English Name: tea color Onyx

Category: Jade

Origin: Turkey


Its color is light and elegant, and its texture is crystal clear. The crystal white lines are like curling smoke. Tea jade is like this, like thousands of years of twists and turns, changing for centuries, and integrating the ancient tea ceremony.

● Ancient wood grain

1. Basic information

English Name: tree black

Category: Marble

Origin: China

2. Physical properties

Compression resistance of ancient wood grain: 127.9mpa; Bending resistance: 9.4mpa; Water absorption: 0.59%

3. Characteristics: the banded structure is clear, wavy, and curved, and the rock mass is a granular metamorphic structure with moderate hardness and good gloss

4. Scope of application: ancient wood grain can be widely used in indoor decoration, such as door pocket, dado, bar, Roman column, indoor column, toilet, and handicrafts.

Star River legend

English Name: Galaxy legend

Category: Marble


According to the legend of Xinghe, the background color is black, and the interspersed golden yellow and white textures make the lines of the whole board complex. Pieces of golden yellow are like small stars gathering together and glittering; Xinghe legend, like the vast Milky Way, is an all-inclusive and mysterious black hole, which is thought-provoking. Both the two-dimensional visual impact and the three-dimensional spatial feeling convey the immortal legend in the decorative world.

Scope of application: Xinghe legend is suitable for indoor walls, ground, and background walls.

Black Crystal Jade

English Name: Black Galaxy

Origin: Spain, Hubei, China

Category: Marble


With black as the background color, the texture is black and white, with hard quality and bright color, which brings high-grade, elegant, and natural high-grade decoration effect to space, showing the luxury style of space-grade. In terms of space application, black crystal jade is very suitable for the modern style.

Ink interest

English Name: Black illumination

Category: quartz stone

Origin: Brazil


After 1 billion years of precipitation, the naturally formed black and white contrast with each other. Different from the gray areas of other stones, the ink interesting black is integrated into the white ripple, which is irregular, but it appears vivid, harmonious, and natural.

● Ice cream

Origin: Italy

Category: quartzite


Precious stone series, the patterns are like conch of different lengths, arranged without restraint, very inclusive black, and the low-key and implicit style is the most classic interpretation of classicism.

● Black Sands

1. Basic information

English Name: Black Galaxy

Category: Granite

Origin: India

2. Physical characteristics:

Bulk density: 2.967g/cm3; Water absorption: 0.187%; Compressive strength: 122.7mpa; Mohs hardness: 6.57; Gloss: 86.62

3. Features

It can be divided into large, medium, and small sand and thick and thin. The stone commonly used for our door stone is black Jinsha. The granite has fine, medium, and coarse granular structure or porphyritic structure, with uniform and fine particles and small gaps.

4. Application parts: ground, wall, background wall, table panel, fireplace, etc.

● China black

1. Basic information

English Name: China black

Origin: Hebei and Shaanxi Province, China

Category: Granite

2. Physical properties

Specific gravity: 2.79g/cm3; Compressive strength: 127mpa; Bending strength: 16.6mpa; Gloss: 85; Hardness: 85; Impurity: 0.01%

3. Characteristics

China black is the most famous granite in Hebei and the largest output. Later, with the mining and export of other black stone species in China, especially the mining of similar stone species in Shanxi and Fengzhen in China’s black stone ore belt, Hebei black and Fuping black were named after the origin for distinction. Shanxi mine is named Shanxi black, and Fengzhen mine is named Fengzhen black. These black ores are hard granite (different from other low hardness stones such as Mongolian black and Funding black of basalt). Do mirror polishing, the brightness can reach more than 100 degrees. So it is also called the black mirror.

4. Scope of application: indoor and outdoor decoration of buildings, square paving, municipal garden engineering, and dry hanging of external walls

Brown Pearl

1. Basic information

English Name: Star Ruby

Origin: Brazil

Category: Granite

2. Physical properties

Bulk density: 2.76g/cm3; Water absorption: 0.14%; Compressive strength: 123.5mpa; Flexural strength: 16.7mpa; Gloss: 82.2

3. Characteristics: the background color is cyan brown, and those without impurities are treasures with high hardness but less quantity.

4. Application position: widely used; Not suitable for mosaic.

The above is what I know about the current popular black marble. What kind of black marble do you think is best-selling on the market? Welcome to send me an email message

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