How to place the courtyard stone table?

The courtyard is not only our facade but also a good place for self-cultivation. Sitting in the beautiful scenery will make you feel much more comfortable, so stone tables and benches will be placed in many courtyards for tea making and scenery appreciation in your spare time. However, what we don’t know is that the placement of stone tablets in the courtyard also has a lot of attention and taboos! In this article, let’s talk about this story.

1. Stone table and stool should not be placed in the doorway

The placement of stone tables and stools must follow certain principles. First, they cannot be placed at the front door. Because the stone table and stone stool look like a hill. If you open the door, it is facing the hill, which hinders the broadening of vision and will lead to difficulties in the owner’s career and life. Therefore, stone tables and benches must be placed away from the main door.

2. It should not be placed opposite the window

The placement of stone tables and stools is not suitable for facing the window, which will also affect the broadening of vision. Moreover, many stone tables and stools have edges and corners. If they are placed obliquely, they will form an angular evil to the window but have a bad impact on the fate of the owner. Therefore, during resettlement, we must not block the vision, but also avoid the edges and corners facing the house, and try to choose the round stone table and stone stool.

3. Too small courtyard should not be placed

If the area of the courtyard is not large, don’t stuff too many things into the courtyard, which will affect the ventilation and lighting, and then affect the gas absorption of the gate. In small courtyards, do not place stone tables and stools. Cold and hard stones will also bring damp gas, which will harm the gas field of the house.

The six layout points of stone tables and stools in the courtyard are as follows:

1. The arrangement of stone tables and stone stools should be combined with plant planting. The ideal effect is that it can be shaded in summer and warmed in winter. Therefore, it can be arranged with deciduous trees.

2. The overall layout shall be uniform and the local layout shall be centralized. The overall layout should be dense and appropriate to avoid the situation where no one sits with a stool and no one sits without a stool. In some large activity places, it should be set up in groups to facilitate people’s activities and communication.

3. Stone tables and stools shall be set away from the building to prevent falling objects on the balcony from hurting people

4. Stone tables and benches can be arranged under the courtyard lights. At night, people can use the lights to read books and newspapers.

5. Stone tables and stools shall be arranged close to the corners of garden corridors and activity places, and shall not hinder pedestrians.

6. Waste materials such as peel and paper scraps shall be generated around the stone table and stone stool. Therefore, the stone table and stone stool shall not be arranged in the hardened area of lawn brick and places not conducive to cleaning.

7. The small garden in the courtyard is set up for residents’ leisure, so the arrangement of stone benches should make people sit behind and face the green space rather than the road. If the Feng Shui in the courtyard is good, the Feng Shui in the home will be good. Feng Shui in the courtyard plays a great role in the family fortune. We must be careful.

In the hearts of the Chinese public, there will be a saying of Feng Shui, so there will be some stress in placing these objects. If you are also particular about these aspects, you must have your own set of theories on the placement of courtyard stone tables. You are welcome to share them with me.

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