Overview of black marble

In high-end architectural decoration design, the appearance rate of black is particularly high. Even if many designers have never thought of using black building materials, they will still choose it involuntarily, even if only a little – when you complain that it is too monotonous, it can immediately change unexpected surprises. Today, let’s take a look at some common black granite varieties!

Sesame black

Speaking of black granite, many people will immediately think of Sesame Black. Due to the fact that the place of origin is not used, the price difference between material A and material B of sesame black granite is large, including the common processing methods of sesame black stone also include curb stone, special-shaped stone, blind spot, arc manual, small square, etc.

As a black natural stone, sesame black is naturally calm, thick, and elegant, so it is very popular with designers and consumers in the domestic and international markets. In high-end real estate and office building projects, it is used as a stone dry hanging, tabletop, carving, floor, etc.

Black Jinsha

Black gold sandstone is one of the most traded stones in the world, which is a medium to fine-grained ancient copper pyroxene gabbro. The domestic ones are mainly small gold dots and medium gold dots, that is, medium flowers and small flowers. These kinds of designs are more suitable for families and villas, as well as small stores, wash stations, food processing areas, or tables.

The imported black gold sands (mainly imported from India) have large gold dots and a few small flowers. This kind of decoration is suitable for large projects and hotels.

China Black

China Black is the most famous and largest granite in Hebei. (Later, along with the mining and export of other black stone species in China, especially the mining of similar stone species in China’s black stone ore belt, Shanxi and Fengzhen, Hebei black, and Fuping black were named for their origin. Shanxi black was named after Shanxi black, and Fengzhen black was named after Fengzhen black.)

The hardness is high, the density is high, and there is a saying that it will last for thousands of years. So it is also called a black mirror. The processing products mainly include table panels, indoor and outdoor floors, walls, large floor paving stones, tombstones, craft block stones, measuring tool platforms, etc.

Funding Black

It is a rare high-grade building board in China, named “Funding Black” by the State Council Building Materials Administration. The northwest foot of Taimu Mountain, which is produced in Dazhang Mountain, Bailin Town, Fuding City, Fujian Province, is called Funding Hei. Funding Black Granite “is an environment-friendly product with low radiation, high quality, and a favorable price. Materials for indoor and outdoor decoration, components, platform panels, washbasins, and stone tablets.

Mongolian black

The earliest time was in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, and Jianping, Liaoning. Later, basalt in Jining, Inner Mongolia, and other places was also successively mined. The particles are fine and dense. After polishing, the color of the board is black but a little yellow. There are also some white spots on the board.

Mongolian black stone has a dense structure, hard texture, good acid and alkali resistance, and weather resistance. It can be used for various treatment surfaces and can be used outdoors for a long time.

Cambodian black

Among many building materials, Cambodian black is a relatively affordable material, which is relatively lower cost compared with other black stones.

Many buildings will use this material for appearance. From the actual use effect, it is also very good, generous, and beautiful. It will be more reliable to choose from the firmness and price. It is widely used in various buildings and gardens such as the plank, floor, table, sculpture, engineering exterior wall panel, interior wall panel, floor, square engineering panel, environmental decoration curb stone, etc.

Of course, this is just a part of black stone. In the following articles, I will further explain this kind of stone, and welcome your continuous attention.

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