Cognition Of Natural Stone

Natural stone is a gift from nature. It has been accumulated for more than one billion years. Its texture is clear, curved, smooth, delicate, bright, and fresh. It is full of natural rhythm and artistic sense. It brings you a visual feast again and again! Natural stone is generally soft in physical properties and very beautiful after polishing. In interior decoration, marble is suitable for TV tables, windowsills, and indoor floors. In this article, we will talk about the story of natural stone.

● Classification of natural stone

Natural stone is generally divided into marble, granite, limestone, sandstone, slate, and so on

1. Marble

Marble refers to sedimentary or metamorphic carbonate rocks, including marble, dolomite, limestone, sandstone, shale, and slate. It is a derivative of limestone. Marble is a kind of metamorphic rock, which can be polished.

2. Granite

Granite is a very hard igneous rock with high density, scratch resistance, and corrosion resistance. It’s perfect for outdoor use.

3. Limestone

Limestone is a kind of sedimentary rock, which is composed of calcite and sediment, forming various colors.

4. Sandstone

Sandstone is also a kind of sedimentary stone, which is mainly composed of loose quartz sand particles with coarse texture.

5. Slate

SLATE is a rock with a tabular structure and basically no recrystallization. In ancient Churches and ancient buildings in Europe, SLATE is also used as a roofing material.

● Physical property index of natural stone

Fire resistance, expansion and shrinkage, frost resistance, durability, compressive strength

● Standard of daily maintenance

1. Necessity

After the natural stone is put into normal use, the stone will have certain wear and tear, and its luminosity and other indicators will be reduced accordingly, so it is necessary to maintain the stone

2. Timeliness

Natural stone also has life, so when you use it for a period of time or find some small problems, you must have standard maintenance in time.

● Problems of natural stone

1. Rust

2. Water seepage

3. Water spots

4. Bai Hua

● Application of marble:

Marble texture diversity and processing plasticity in building materials are unique! Many places in life will use marble decoration. Marble has been used for decoration for many years.. After many years, it still maintains a high position in decoration. Today, we share the application effect of several kinds of marble decoration.

1. Natural stone floor and wall

Marble used as wall and floor is not only beautiful, durable, and long service life. Natural stone is the best material for corridors and ground. Considering the use function, stone has an incomparable effect with other materials. It makes the space transparent, bright, full of lustrous and changeable feelings, with clear layers, so that space not only pursues function but also has artistic beauty.

2. Natural stone stairs

The steps of the stairs are the symbol of a person’s rising step by step, so high-end villas, hotels, and office buildings all like to choose high-end marble as the stairs.

3. Natural stone countertop, including washbasin

The stone countertop is very easy to clean, which can make the bathroom clean and tidy. It not only meets the practical function but also has high artistic manufacturability. The use of stone mesa in decoration makes the space look very simple and atmospheric. Simple lines and soft and moist colors make the washing table not only monotonous and fashionable but also full of natural and ecological atmosphere.

4. Natural stone pillar

Stone column, including several styles and various shapes, is an indispensable part of architecture.

5. Natural stone carving

The creation of stone carving originates from nature. It is rough and contains delicacy. It pays attention to the similarity of shape, pays more attention to the vividness, and has the perfect unity of artistry and practicality. Stone carving works, it seems very simple, but in fact, it is a hard skill. Rough is to spend a lot of effort, fine is to carefully measure, carefully observe the stone grain, when thick is thick when the details are fine, the various natural images through the choice, tempering, in the pursuit of similar shape and spirit of the artistic realm has almost reached the point of perfection.

6. Natural stone guardrail

Stone railings are exquisitely carved in terms of performance and shape, which are very excellent, and are people’s favorite decorative buildings.

7. Natural stone tombstone

When choosing tombstone stone, it is generally combined with the cost of investment to choose the tombstone stone with high-cost performance. The price of the different stones is different because of their mining difficulty, processing difficulty, and time-consuming.

8. Natural stone crafts

The technology made of natural stone is multi-purpose and widely used. The natural texture of stone combined with modern processing technology is more precious.

Natural stone is one of the most common decorations, this kind of stone is natural and simple, has fine texture, bright and diverse colors, and has strong plasticity. It can be polished, polished, and crystallized. The stone itself is a thickness requirement, so how long can it be polished. Relative to other materials, stone life will be longer. Due to the unpredictable texture of natural stone, it can not only be used in decoration but also be combined with cultural creativity to promote the application of stone in other fields. There are many details of natural stone that can be discussed. I look forward to your email at

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