Do You Like Natural Stone Surfaces?


In the magnificent scenery of nature, we can often see one side of the huge raised rock mass showing a natural fracture surface like a knife and ax. This is because in the long process of geological evolution, water seeps into the rock mass and cracks occur. In the cold season, the sun melts the ice and snow into water, and at night, the water will re-condense into ice, after continuous freezing and thawing, The cracks in these rock masses are getting bigger and bigger, and eventually they peel off from the rock mass. Today, let’s share something about the natural surface of the stone.

● What is the natural surface of the stone?

Generally speaking, natural surface stone refers to the surface formed naturally without any treatment, such as the foliation of slate and the joints of granite. But the natural surface in the market refers to the natural undulating surface formed after splitting, knocking, and breaking, also known as natural splitting surface or splitting natural surface.

● Source of the natural surface of the stone

There are two sources of natural flour products, one is the natural flour products produced during mining, the other is the natural flour products processed by factories. Generally, the normal processing thickness should be 30mm-50mm, and the size should not be too large.

● Application of natural surface of the stone

  1. Application of natural fracture surface of the stone in the construction field

This kind of stone fracture surface gives people visual impact, which is unmatched by a flat stone。 The large area of natural surface paving on the external wall of the building makes the whole building look very atmospheric and calm. In addition, the anti-corrosion, anti-weathering, anti-fire, and other special stone materials seem to put an article of protective clothing on the building, which is safe and reliable.

2. Applications of natural fracture surface stone in indoor

Now, more and more designers begin to use the natural fracture surface of natural stone in the interior. This kind of rough material texture has its characteristics. For example, the topological series of Tang Zhongshan, a leading figure in the contemporary Taiwan design field, has made extensive use of this material, thus forming its unique design style. Stone has been used in the indoor application, but the use of natural fracture surface stone decoration, but the test of the designer’s design skills.

3. The application of GIS in landscape design

In the history of landscape architecture, natural face stone has always occupied a place. With the continuous upgrading of stone mining and processing technology, the design and application of natural face stones in modern landscape architecture also have more artistic expression and artistic conception.

● Lack of natural surface of the stone

1. The installation method is limited

When the natural face stone with a thickness of 30-50mm is used in the wall, it must be installed by point hanging or dry hanging. This thickness of the stone, its weight is much heavier than the conventional thickness of the stone, so it can only be installed by dry hanging. In this way, compared with the conventional thickness of the stone, the cost will be much higher.

2. Poor sanitation

The surface of the natural surface is uneven, so dust and other debris are very easy to absorb in these parts, and these parts are also very difficult to clean. If we want to deal with them, the process is very complicated

Designers have a special preference for this texture because the characteristics of natural stone are thick and stable, but the natural fracture surface of natural stone breaks their original order and continuity and uses a kind of incomplete beauty to make the building show a strong contrast and visual impact.

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