Natural Stone Has Been Imitated, But It Has Never Been Surpassed

With its rich texture, modern lines, and luxurious texture, marble creates a high-end atmosphere of space with its unique texture temperament and has become a decoration material for modern home decoration and high-end projects. Why do so many materials imitate natural stone?

Marble is born in nature. Its texture has artistic value. It is wear-resistant, durable, and plastic. People’s love for natural marble has never subsided since ancient times. Therefore, the heat of imitating marble has never subsided. There is a posture of “Whoever can imitate the true meaning of stone is likely to become the king of the market”.

● Natural stone is unique

The material of marble is wear-resistant and durable. At the same time, it is also the carrier of the creativity of new forms, colors, and textures. Therefore, it has also become the material selected by many artists. The texture and rich colors bred by nature are the reasons why marble is respected and imitated. The high-grade decorative effect makes marble a necessity for luxury and high-grade places.

● What materials do natural stones imitate?

The most attractive thing about natural stone is the natural texture. This is also the reason why they are competing to imitate. In addition to artificial stone, what materials are imitating stone?

1. Imitation marble tile

For example, ceramic tiles, which persistently imitate marble, launched “imitation marble tile” to be closer to the texture of marble and imitate the high texture of marble. Although the texture of ceramic tile imitates very much like natural marble, it looks dead and not as natural as natural marble. The texture of ceramic tile can not be different from each other, and it is always repeated within a certain number, while the texture of each piece of natural marble is different; In addition, the thickness and after-sales polishing are also unmatched by imitation marble tiles.

2. Rock plate

Another example is the hot rock plate, which also imitates the marble texture surface as a selling point. There are no natural lines on the rock slab, and of course, there are no natural stone properties such as the warmth, permeability, and uniqueness of marble.

3. Hot melt composite stone glass

This is a new product made of 3-5mm stone flakes and glass by high temperature and high-pressure processing.

4. Artificial Pu stone

Pu (polyurethane) is a kind of polymer material. Polyurethane is the abbreviation of polyurethane. Its English name is polyurethane. It is a kind of polymer material. The artificial material Pu wall stone is a new type of exterior wall decorative plate made of this high-density PU polyurethane.

5. Imitation marble coating

All kinds of imitation marble paint, imitation marble paint, and stickers imitate the color and texture of all kinds of marble

Although materials that imitate natural marble emerge endlessly, natural marble is still the most beautiful and the best. Each material has its value, and ultimately depends on how to choose. With the continuous innovation of technology, the research and development speed of new materials will continue to improve, but the value of the natural stone is replaced anyway. Well, this article is written here. I look forward to your email at

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