High-grade Background Wall Decoration, Choose Natural Marble

The house is used to live for a lifetime. It needs more effort before decoration. The background wall is the face value of home decoration. It is very necessary to spend more effort on it. In the fashionable and modern decoration style, a marble background wall is a common design element. Today, let’s talk about the past and present life of the marble background wall.

● What is a marble background wall?

The marble background wall is also known as an image wall, TV wall, etc. A stone background wall is an indispensable wall decoration in home decoration design. It is not only beautiful and atmospheric but also has the functions of sound absorption, sound insulation, and wave absorption. There are many decorative places for background walls, such as sofa background wall, TV background wall, and so on.

The high-grade materials of stone background walls are generally stone, especially TV stone background walls. In-home decoration design has become the “focus” and one of the key points of large family rooms. The marble background wall plays a very important role in the whole decoration space. The texture and color value of natural stone make people naturally attracted to the past. Of course, through this marble background wall, the owner’s taste and personality are also more than yuan.

 ● Why use marble background wall

  1. Start with nature, beauty is also natural

Marble is born naturally, and the texture of marble is also formed naturally. The long process of geological diagenesis has created the diversity of marbling without repetition. Each piece of marble has its unique texture, some “overlapping mountains”, some “waves and waves”, and more “meeting mountains and rivers”. The patterns have their characteristics and are unique. The color of marble, like its patterns, is also changeable and diverse. It is the palette of nature. But compared with pigments, marble has a more natural color and is not stiff. Various textures and rich colors are suitable for home decoration of various styles.

2. Start with nature and prosper forever

Compared with other man-made building materials, natural marble has incomparable economic value. As a product of nature, marble has experienced various changes over the years. Hundreds of millions of years of geological evolution make it have a service life of hundreds of years. In history, there are many natural marble architectural relics still standing in the world, such as the ancient Greek temple and the ancient Roman Colosseum, which have a history of thousands of years“ The two characteristics of “refurbish able” and “repairable” make marble flourish in the long river of history in the best state. This is what other building materials cannot do.

3. Starting from nature, eternal classics

Marble becomes eternal beauty with its beauty and durability. Nowadays, there are a variety of ceramic tile materials that imitate marble on the market, but this man-made product can not imitate the unique properties of natural marble, so this is also the best guarantee for the eternal value of natural marble. Although the appearance of artificial marble is similar to that of natural marble, it has no natural charm. Of course, in some scenes, artificial marble is more suitable than natural marble.

4. From nature, from the dignity

In ancient times, natural marble has always been the top material and has been used in noble buildings such as palaces, temples, and pavilions. It can be seen that marble symbolizes dignity and human’s high respect for nature. Now, the status of natural marble is still unshakable, but it is not limited to the exclusive enjoyment of aristocrats, and more ordinary people can also have it. Moreover, with the enthusiasm of various home decoration styles, natural marble also conforms to the progress of this era and integrates into various home decoration styles.

5. Starting from nature, natural environmental protection

Marble comes from nature. Like flowers and trees, it is friendly and integrated with the human living environment. It does not contain radioactive substances that may be harmful to the human body; Nowadays, the mining of stone belongs to “gold mining”, which not only improves the mining rate and utilization rate but also minimizes the damage to the natural environment. Moreover, the processing of marble after mining is also pollution-free, will not produce toxic gases, and will not produce harmful substances.

How to select a marble background wall

Since the marble background wall is so cost-effective, how should we choose?

First, determine the style of home decoration.

The marble background wall is the embodiment of the decoration style of a space. Whether the home decoration is Chinese or European, luxurious or minimalist can be reflected through the marble background wall after confirmation.

Secondly, pay attention to the overall collocation.

Marble has rich colors. When choosing a marble background wall, we can focus on those soft, generous, and not easy to go out of date colors, such as beige, white, gray, coffee, and so on. The marble background wall has to be used for many years. These colors are the basic color system and are not easy to be out of date. Pay attention to the response between the ground, wall, and three-dimensional space to create a harmonious and orderly effect.

The marble background wall can be luxurious or simple, European or Chinese, and the visual experience is very comfortable. In the hearts of our people, marble is noble and luxurious. We want it, but we can’t afford it. If the selection strategy of a marble background wall is done well, you can match your favorite marble background wall for your loved home. Well, this article will be written here first. If you have a good marble background wall case to share, please send it to my email at sales@sntstone.com.

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