Material selection and size formulation of stone tablets

So far, the earliest discovered tombstones in China can be traced back to the Eastern Han Dynasty. At that time, tombstones had already been fixed and formed, usually with a rectangular main shape. The top of the tombstone was carved with some common geometric shapes, such as arcs, triangles, or rectangles, and the lower part was connected to a base. There are no strict standards for Chinese-style tombstones in various provinces, but from the inscriptions made throughout history, we can see that most tombstones have a size of one meter high, sixty centimeters wide, and a thickness of less than ten centimeters.

Selection of Material for Stone Carving Tombstones

The tombstone stone emphasizes purity, durability, corrosion, and wind resistance without cracks, and whether it is stable enough when placed outdoors. Granite, as a granular natural stone, undoubtedly meets the above requirements, but what kind of granite is the best stone for making stone tombstones?

The commonly used granite in modern stone inscriptions are black, gray, and white stones with consistent surface colors, and have a smooth surface without color lines or scars. Of course, some marble will also be used as materials for stone gravestones, such as White Marble. Each set of tombstones has different shapes and sizes, so they cannot be processed entirely using assembly line mechanical equipment. Instead, different instruments can only be used according to the different shapes of various accessories on the tombstones.

The selection of materials for tombstones is therefore particularly important. The material of a set of tombstones should be as similar as possible to ensure that their hardness is the same and there is no need to frequently adjust the machine. There are several commonly used materials: sesame black granite, Shanxi black granite, Indian red, British brown, White Marble, sesame white, etc. These stones have a stable appearance, similar density, and pure color, which are very suitable for making tombstones.

The size of the tombstone should be determined like this

As is well known, the key components of tombstones are the main tablet and inscription, which both manufacturers and consumers highly value. After a person’s death, a monument must be erected, and its position, orientation, and size must be based on the theories of traditional feng shui. For the convenience of everyone’s use, there are feng shui rulers available for sale in the market, specifically made according to the theory of feng shui. The people of the north call them Ding Lan rulers.

In common feng shui rulers, there are four types of scales, with two rows on top and bottom. The upper row is used for yang houses, and the lower row is used for yin houses, that is, tombs. Each scale is marked with auspicious or inauspicious words, and when making related components, they can be made according to the size of Geely. A typical tombstone has a height of 1 meter, a width of 80 centimeters, and a thickness of 8 centimeters, which is a very auspicious standard for tombstones.

Regarding inscriptions, it is also important to pay close attention to them. Generally, there are only 2-3 sizes of inscriptions on a monument, with slightly larger characters ranging from 10-10.5 centimeters and smaller characters controlled between 3-4 centimeters. This site is not only in harmony with the overall proportion of the monument but also carries an auspicious meaning.

A luxury tombstone is mainly made of stone with consistent surface tones such as black, gray, and white, and is required to have no cracks, scars, color lines, and other defects. Due to differences in the shape and size of tombstones, it is difficult to process them using assembly line equipment. But it can be processed using composition technology according to its shape. According to the processing technology, it can be divided into block material processing, block material grinding, and auxiliary processing.

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