A Small Stone With Great Function – Marble Threshold Stone

Stone is widely used in building decoration, and threshold stone is one of them. At present, there are two common threshold stones in the market, ceramic tile threshold stone and marble threshold stone, which have many differences. Today we want to introduce the marble threshold stone. Marble threshold stone has the effect of elegance, durability, and beauty. It is commonly used in modern home decoration. So, what is the marble threshold stone? What are the functions of the marble threshold stone? In this article, let’s talk about the story of the marble threshold stone.

● What is a marble threshold stone?

Threshold stone is very common in home decoration and will be used in the bathroom and kitchen. The types of threshold stones are increasing, and the more common are marble threshold stones. Marble threshold stone has a clear texture and fashionable and beautiful appearance, so it is deeply welcomed by people. But now many people don’t know the marble threshold stone, and they don’t know much about its role. Threshold stone is generally a rectangular stone, which perfectly connects the gaps of floor tiles or floors. As a natural stone, the marble threshold stone is very popular in the market.

Advantages of marble threshold stone

The overall marble texture is natural, durable, and beautiful. At the same time, it has both modern beauty and classical taste, which has a great visual impact. Now, with the development of science and technology, the manufacturing technology of marble is higher and higher. Their surface will be polished and polished delicately, showing a smooth and warm texture; Combined with surface-active treatment technology and light import technology, the surface is antifouled for cleaning.

From the perspective of safety, marble will be more durable and beautiful than the threshold stone made of ceramic tile. Generally, the detailed treatment of marble is more delicate than ceramic tile, and it also appears to be more high-grade. Of course, the lower side of the threshold stone near the ground needs to be “chamfered”. There are two shapes to choose from: Bevel and fillet.

● How to choose the threshold stone?

1. Material selection of threshold stone: there are two categories: marble and granite, which are the most popular and popular at present. Marble is used more than granite, and granite is richer in color and texture.

It is suggested that the decoration design of small house type should choose granite to decorate the interior with gorgeous colors and textures, while the house of large house type is more suitable to use marble to make the interior look more concise, refreshing, and atmospheric.

2. Size selection of threshold stone: the size of the threshold stone should be determined according to the length and width of the threshold. I’d rather buy something a little longer and wider than one with insufficient size, otherwise it’s difficult to take care of and repair.

It is suggested that the merchants selling threshold stones come up to measure the size in person, and then give threshold stones of reasonable size.

3. Color selection of threshold stone: the color of the threshold stone is very important! The color is wrong, and your efforts are in vain! Therefore, we must pay more attention to the color, because we have helpers to recommend and complete the material and size. The color should be combined with our preferences, but it can not have a negative impact on the overall decoration, but also add to the icing on the cake.

So it’s hard to choose. The colors of threshold stone used indoors now are milky white, black gold, and agate. Among them, milky white and agate are used more, black is used more in commercial decoration, and white is the most in office buildings. So it depends on your own situation.

● Threshold stone action

The transition between two different materials. For example, the living room is paved with ceramic tiles and the bedroom is paved with the floor. Generally, the position of the bedroom door will be connected with the threshold stone. The main reason is that the closing construction is relatively simple.

1. Corrected elevation difference: the ground heights of the two spaces are different. For example, there is a height difference between the two spaces paved with floors and tiles. This problem has not been considered in advance, or in order to save cost, a slope or chamfer of the threshold stone can well solve this height difference problem.

2. Good water-retaining effect: in addition to the transition function, the threshold stone of the toilet also has the function of a water-retaining strip, which is generally a little higher than that in the toilet, which can have a certain anti overflow effect on the water in the toilet, because the marble material can prevent water seepage and overflow, and the marble material is smooth and not rough, which is convenient for the family to walk back and forth.

● Precautions for marble threshold stone

  1. We must do a good job in the six side protection of stone

2. Threshold stones are slender strips, so they are easy to break and damage during transportation and installation, so they must be reinforced with stainless steel reinforcement and other materials on the back of the stone

3. The threshold stone should not be too long. The threshold stone that is too long should be reasonably divided into parts, not divided in the middle. The division method of short on both sides and long in the middle can be adopted.

Although the marble threshold stone is a small link in the whole decoration process, it can not be ignored, and its role is also very great. Well, this article will be written here first. I look forward to your email at  sales@sntstone.com, let’s discuss more information about the marble threshold stone.

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