Why Are Marble Tablets So Popular?

The table is a frequently used and easily worn piece of furniture in the family. When purchasing a table, most people probably consider the following points:

① First of all, the dining table must have the grade, which is enough to set off the high-quality decoration of the monk;

② Secondly, it must be durable and strong. When you can’t eat, the desktop is still shaky and uneven;

③ It must be easy to clean up. The dining table is the place to eat, which means that there will be more oil pollution here. It can be cleaned up more easily after each meal.

Like the dining table that meets the above points, there may not be many, and the marble dining table is one of them! It has an elegant and gorgeous appearance but also has a solid and reliable steel structure, and the surface is also very flat, smooth, and easy to clean! In this article, let’s tell the story of the marble dining table.

Advantages of a marble dining table I

Starting from the material of the marble table itself, the natural marble table undoubtedly has a more natural atmosphere. Marble is easy to shape and polish. The tabletop made of it is smooth, textured, and very delicate. It feels like marble.

Marble dining table advantage 2

The visual impact of the marble dining table is very strong. For the same dining table, the effect of wood looks dull, while the mirror gloss effect of marble makes the desktop look more high-grade and more popular.

Three advantages of marble dining table

The hardness of marble is very high. It will not cause deformation and affect its appearance for a long time. It is often used for the decoration of large houses. Such a table looks particularly classy and tasteful.

Four advantages of marble dining table

The dining table made of marble is not afraid of the corrosion of acidic substances and will not rust. Usually, after dinner, it will be clean and refreshing immediately after gently wiping with a rag, which is very convenient and fast.

Five advantages of marble dining table

As a product derived from nature, marble has unique characteristics so that it will not be affected by humidity, will not be prevented by constant temperature conditions, and has a long service life.

How to solve the crack of marble table

Although the marble countertop is beautiful and practical, if it is not used reasonably, it is easy to cause cracks on the marble countertop. Once there are cracks, it will feel very ugly. Therefore, it is necessary to master the methods to deal with the cracks on the marble countertop. The specific methods are as follows:

1. Repair with marble glue. It plays a good role in stone bonding, repair, and joint filling. For general cracks, it is OK to repair them with marble glue. Before using marble glue, the stone surface must be cleaned and dried. It is best to polish it carefully to make the surface of the table slightly rough, which can increase the degree of bonding and be more firm.

2. Clean the mortar or other sundries in the marble crack, with a depth of 3-5mm. If it is hemp, the width of the crack should be increased to about 10mm. If it is marble, clean the original joint. Use a small hammer to smash the dolomite close to the crack color and pattern. If it is hemp, its particle size should be similar to that of hemp. If it is monochrome stone, smash it into powder.

3. Mix an appropriate amount of transparent marble glue and broken marble particles or powder evenly, and apply the evenly mixed mixture to the crack mouth. After coating, the crack mouth should be slightly higher than the marble surface by 0.5mm, waiting for drying.

Using marble as the material of the desktop is the choice of many furniture manufacturers and designers. Natural stone has a unique natural texture, which can make people close to nature in a luxurious home environment. The marble table always makes people feel that it is not sitting at the table to eat but sitting next to a work of art to eating, which is a high quality of life. Well, this article will be written here first. More content will be presented in the follow-up articles. You are welcome to email me and subscribe to sales@sntstone.com.

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