Is natural marble expensive?


At present, natural marble is widely used in architectural decoration. But what’s interesting is that for ordinary people, the stone is not the first choice, the real use is like threshold stone, windowsill stone, and so on, at most is a background wall. Since the stone decoration effect is so beautiful, why do ordinary people use it in a small area? The reason is obvious: the price is too expensive!

Is stone really expensive? Before answering this question, let’s analyze the origin of the stone.

First, understand the background of natural marble. The stone market is a worldwide market, no geographical restrictions, stone gathered around the world, geographical differences make a wide range of stone types. In China, the two largest stone markets, Shuitou in Nan’an, Fujian, and Yunfu in Guangdong, gather stones from all over the world and finally radiate to all parts of the country through these two markets. Due to the importance of environmental protection in China, the type and quantity of stone in China are limited.

Secondly, the natural Dali stone is presented through a distribution mode, and it travels to many places. For foreign stone materials, they are first mined from mines and transported to the rough plate processing plant to cut and polish the rough plate into flakes. Through logistics transportation, they are transported to Shuitou and Yunfu along the coast of China. For other domestic markets, they will choose their favorite stones and transport them to their markets, Then, it radiates from this kind of market to a smaller one; Finally, these smaller markets radiate to the end customers

Through these two links, it is not difficult to find that natural marble has experienced more links, such as mining, transportation, storage, processing, stores, personnel, installation, and later maintenance, which lead to the increase of stone cost; In addition, the characteristics of the stone itself, its design, processing, transportation, installation, after-sales and so on will be carried out by professional personnel, so these costs add up to a higher price.

Moreover, different types of natural marble, different market acceptance, prices vary. Stone is not better than tile. There are many ways to process stones, many shapes, different thickness specifications, and different requirements of each customer. As a result, stone can not be produced according to the standard like tile, which is one of the reasons for the high price of the stone.

If we compare the price of stone and tile, the price of stone will be higher, but the stone also has incomparable advantages, as follows:

1. The nature of the stone. Marble is naturally formed after thousands of years or even longer. It is the essence of nature and is not comparable to any artificial synthetic material at a later stage.

2. Stone is unique. Because marble is formed naturally, so the texture and color of the stone will be more abundant, each piece is unique;

3. More shaping. Marble can be made into various thicknesses and various shapes, from large-scale carved columns to thin pieces of paper. As long as you want to get something, marble can do it;

4. Longer service life. Because it can be made into different thicknesses, different treatment surfaces, so whether it is indoor or outdoor, wall or ground, stone can be used safely; And high hardness, not easy to deform, frost resistance, compression resistance, fire resistance, non-magnetization. Even if it’s used for a long time, it doesn’t matter. It’s still as bright as new under the new renovation;

5. Pure natural health and environmental protection materials. Stone is a pure natural building material product, and it is also the only inspection-free building material product. For the remarks such as “stone has radioactive hazards and radiation”, China Stone Association, the national stone quality supervision, and inspection center, and national stone Standardization Technical Committee jointly issued the notice on marble products without radioactive hazards to the human body as early as 2013; In addition, the modern natural stone mining operation has completely abandoned the technology that will destroy the nature, such as gunpowder cracking. The popularization and promotion of “cold mining” technology not only greatly improve the mining and utilization rate of mine resources, but also minimizes the damage to the natural environment.

6, elegant atmosphere, noble first choice. Rich colors and patterns, with a variety of styles. The simplicity and luster of marble in the space are very natural, the comfort of naked eye touch and the low-key and introverted patterns can add charm to the decoration.

Whether the natural stone is expensive or not, I believe everyone has a different answer. What I want to say is that the “expensive” of stone is reflected in its value. If you like stone, you can certainly see its value, which can also reflect your taste and style. So is Da ran stone expensive? Welcome to call us to discuss.

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