Overview Of Marble Polishing Process

Marble decoration is very common. It is often used for cabinet countertop or ground decoration. It has the characteristics of beautiful decoration and good wear resistance. The marble needs polishing in the process of use, otherwise, it will affect the luster of the marble surface. So what are the marble polishing methods and what should be paid attention to in marble polishing? Let’s understand this article together!

● What are the methods of marble polishing?

1. Dry grinding

There are many and complex steps in marble polishing. The first step is dry grinding. The purpose of dry grinding is to peel marble. Need to use the stone refurbishing machine, which can remove the stains on the stone surface and grind the pores of the stone at the same time.

2. Treatment of stains on stone

Usually, there are many stains on the marble surface, so if you want to polish the marble better, you still need to deal with the surface stains. If it is a stain that is difficult to deal with, you can use some chemical reagents to deal with it, and the stain can be removed easily.

3. Waterproof

The quality of waterproof treatment is directly related to the quality of marble polishing. Waterproof treatment is mainly to prevent some sewage from immersing into the stone during wet grinding in the later stage, which will have a certain impact on polishing. If you accidentally let the sewage inside the stone, it is very easy to cause marble lesions and greatly affect the quality of marble.

4. Joint cutting, joint filling, etc

In order to ensure that the marble surface is very beautiful, seam cutting, seam filling, and unified seam cutting are very important. The simplest way is to repair the glue. After repairing the glue, you can easily achieve a beautiful effect.

5. Simple polishing

Simple polishing is actually very simple. You can wax, clean, and then polish with steel wool.

6. Surface crystallization

Using the crystal surface machine, together with the cleaning pad and cleaning powder, make a good protective layer on the surface of the marble to prevent stains from entering the stone. At the same time, it can also prevent scratches and improve the brightness of the stone. In the case of standardized use, the period for marble crystallization to play a protective role is about one year.

7. Waxing

Waxing is also to improve the brightness of marble and protect the surface of the marble. The validity period of waxing can basically last for three months.

Precautions for marble polishing

1. After the marble is polished, the water absorption machine shall be used to treat the ground moisture, and the blow dryer shall be used to dry the stone ground to keep the stone surface dry.

2. If the stone is polished with a large-diameter grinder, the grinding depth should be controlled between 1mm and 2mm, and the feed speed should be reduced. If the linear speed of the stone grinding machine is large, it is necessary to select a large cutting depth.

3. Attention shall be paid during marble grinding. If the stone with a large gap needs to be painted with the protective agent on the marble surface, and then polished again to increase the crystal surface hardness of the whole ground.

The above is about marble polishing methods and precautions. I hope it will be helpful to you! The marble polishing method has many steps, and many details need to be paid attention to during construction. Well, this article is written here. Welcome to share more interesting stories about stone. Remember to email me at sales@sntstone.com.

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