How To Match The Marble Texture To Achieve The Ultimate Beauty?


The marble background wall is the easiest place to improve and show the decoration effect and taste in interior decoration. No one can describe her beauty and uniqueness in words. Nowadays, more and more people choose marble background walls for decoration in pursuit of high-end, gorgeous, and luxurious life quality, This trend is more clearly reflected in the high-end decoration.

We often say that marble is a high-quality building material, with great inclusiveness and plasticity. There are many kinds of marbles, and the patterns vary greatly. It has a very artistic pattern color. The stone people can better play the overall sense of stone by “secondary creation” of the natural texture of stone. In this article, we will talk about the matching of stone texture.

The form of stone texture matching

There are many ways to pave marble, such as matching patterns, chasing patterns, random patterns, and so on. Some marble texture directionality is strong, on the pattern can form a radial pattern, with impact. And some marble texture is disorganized, the pattern can sometimes form a very good-looking pattern.

● Double matching pattern

It has a strong tension and expressiveness to create a luxurious atmosphere. The stone paintings are like mountains and rivers, like rivers, like abstract paintings, and like animation patterns, which means that you can only feel them by yourself. The pattern has a special magic, it can hold up the atmosphere of the whole space, high-end atmosphere, simple and elegant, magnificent, elegant… Any word to describe it is no exaggeration.

● Four pairs of patterns

On the basis of matching and matching patterns, the charm of stone will be brought into full play. There are V-shaped collages and inverted V-shaped collages for two pieces, while there is radial and diamond collage for more than four pieces. This spelling operation is more flexible, the effect is more rich and flexible, making the overall sense of space more atmosphere.

● Chasing pattern

Tracing pattern stitching is to segment the same stone in the connected section to keep the texture trend of the original layout so that the stone texture can continue better. Tracing pattern stitching presents the original picture, with the most natural beauty. Tracing pattern has more space extension and imagination; At the same time, seamless extension is realized in vision, and the overall space is simple and elegant.

● Random pattern

Modern people pay attention to the natural and random, and they may be deliberate in pursuing the patterns. The random placement of random patterns may better reflect the natural beauty of natural stones. However, how to be orderly in disorder and have a certain sense of beauty also tests the ability of design and typesetting. Based on one stone multi-faceted products, we pay attention to random and natural paving, random collage of irregular texture, classic and fashionable.

There are many kinds of marbles, and the patterns of marbles are varied. It seems rational and calm, but marble texture can give people too many surprises. You can’t imagine what kind of occasion you will meet it. But as long as you have a pair of keen eyes, you can catch every moving gesture about marble texture, and you can always become a trendsetter of fashion trends. The article about marble texture will be written here today. If you have more cases about this, please send me an email to share

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