Does The Marble Door Pocket Need To Be Treated With A Crystal Surface Separately?

Marble Door and window cover can be a work of art. It not only plays the role of decorating the building itself, but also echoes with wall decoration, and can create a unique temperament for your house. After the marble is installed, it needs to be treated with a crystal surface. Does the marble door pocket need to be treated with a crystal surface separately? Let’s tell this story in this article.

Let’s first understand some details of the stone door pocket:

1. Stone door pocket generally consists of three parts: stone door pocket line, inner flat plate, and foot seat;

2. The height of the door pocket is generally determined according to the door opening, but it is generally more than 2000mm;

3. Generally, the stone door pocket line and inner flat plate are in the form of the gland, that is, they are combined during on-site installation rather than in the factory, and there will be butt joints;

4. The slab surface of stone may not meet the requirements of single side length, so it needs to be broken in the vertical and horizontal directions, which will increase the butt joint of on-site installation;

5. The door pocket line will touch the corner at the corner, and the joint will be added at this position;

6. During the transportation and installation of stone materials, the problems of fracture and missing angle will inevitably occur;

7. The brightness of the stone itself and the brightness of the processing position when the grinding in the factory is not enough.

After understanding some details of the stone door pocket, you will know that there will be many problems after the stone installation so that it can not achieve a better decorative effect, which requires crystal surface treatment. The problems of the seam, seam, fracture, lack of angle, and wear of stone door pocket line can be solved through mirror treatment. The general stone installation master can only simply polish, but can not do crystal surface treatment very carefully, so a professional stone crystal surface company is needed to do crystal surface treatment.

Effect of crystal surface treatment of stone door pocket:

1. For butt joint, glue shall be readjusted and polished at the joint position to make the joint position consistent with other parts and the brightness consistent;

2. The broken and missing corner of stone shall be repaired completely and uniformly;

3. All gaps are processed.

Therefore, after the installation of the stone door pocket, the crystal surface treatment needs to be done separately, which can well ensure the actual effect of the installation of the stone door pocket.

For the marble door pocket, we need to ensure that it is clean and waxed regularly, to ensure the luster of the stone door pocket, achieve beauty, prolong service life, improve surface brightness, and look more high-end.

Marble door pocket is a popular door pocket material at present. There are many kinds of marble. The color and brightness are better than other materials, and the service life is very long. It will not easily get damp or change color. The price of a marble door pocket is higher than other materials, but the effect is very elegant and generous. It is not only used in many public places but also used in many family decorations. The installation of a marble door pocket is very important. Exquisite and rigorous installation technology can prevent falling off and deformation. Well, this article will be written here first. You are welcome to pay attention and email me at

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