What About Marble Decoration?

Marble decoration, in a limited space, many details are often ignored by you. If you pay attention and spend some time, you can not only make your home colorful but also increase your happiness 100 times. Today I will share with you some details about marble decoration.

Soft fit

There is a saying in the decoration industry that there are three hard decorations and seven soft decorations, which shows the importance of soft decorations. For an excellent marble home decoration design, the soft decoration part also plays a key role. Determine the main materials of marble and the home decoration style. The combination of soft decoration can directly follow the home decoration style. The reasonable use of soft decoration color can also get a better home decoration effect, but do not be too fancy.

Generally speaking, if the marble color system is simple, it is more appropriate to choose bright and comfortable colors for soft clothes. You can also choose soft clothes with different depths of the same color system to highlight the spatial level.

Color matching

Home decoration is paved with marble, and the color matching is harmonious. Generally, too many colors are not used for decoration. Simple color matching can not only have a better visual effect but also make the space more concise. First, determine the main stone color according to the overall style of home decoration. The classic black-and-white gray system is high-grade and elegant, and all kinds of styles are versatile. If you think it is too simple, you can use the combination of gold and stone series for decoration, which is as beautiful as amazing.

Lighting collocation

Lamps and lanterns are the important soft decoration collocation in the living room. No matter the collocation of lamps and lanterns or light design, they are the necessary steps to improve the quality of the home.

  1. Marble + spotlight

The use of light embellishment shows the natural and exquisite lines of marble. With different light brightness and different angles, each beam of light gives space depth under the reflection of stone and creates an advanced sense of the whole space. The light is installed on the back of the stone, and the light penetrates from the inside of the stone, showing the natural texture and color of the stone, just like a picture volume, giving a shocking visual effect. It has both lighting and decoration functions.

2. Marble + light strip

For the lighting of stairs, designers have played many tricks, such as the lighting of stair handrails, or the lighting of the foot on the side of stairs, as well as the hidden stair light belt embedded in the pedal, which can instantly add color to the space.

● Material matching

Marble is not only a possibility of paving the whole house. Different materials such as wood, metal, and glass can collide with beautiful sparks like marble.

1. Space matching of marble + log

With the most concise lines, it meets the extremely comfortable life philosophy

2. Space composed of marble and metal fusion

The blend of elegance and gorgeous makes the space exude the ultimate sense of delicacy and brings a high-quality space enjoyment.

Skillfully using these different materials for home decoration not only appropriately balances the cold feeling brought by large-area stone in the space, but also quietly increases the high-level sense of space and brings more flexible and changeable visual effects.

Several common decoration styles of marble

1. Fresh and natural style

Leshan and Yeshua, no matter how tired you are, you will be resurrected with blood when you hear a few insects and birds in nature. In this way, you must love nature very much, and the fresh and natural style is certainly suitable for you.

2. Personality and freestyle

Love polar sports, pursue freshness and uniqueness, and do not perfunctory life, so you love the enthusiasm and advocate freedom.

3. Extraordinary classical style

Nostalgia for the shocking style of the royal family, the solemn and elegant style, and the noble and elegant temperament. Life is gorgeous like summer flowers, unwilling to be pale, not mediocre, dreamlike, gorgeous, and colorful, expressing the inner ideal and progress.

4. Modern simple style

In the increasingly busy work, I am eager for a kind of relaxation, adjust the spiritual space with simplicity and purity, and simplify the elements, colors, lighting, and materials to a minimum, simple but not simple, simple, and tasteful.

What about marble decoration? I’ll write it here today. If you have more interesting stories about marble, you are welcome to email me at sales@sntstone.com, let’s share it with more people.

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