Why Does Each Marble Company Offer Different Prices?

As a friend who is ready to find marble for decoration, marble price is undoubtedly one of our most concerning issues. You may have asked many marble manufacturers in the market. Each of them told you that the prices are different, and some prices are even far different. Why? The original price of marble will not be the same for each family. There are several main reasons:

1. The marble grade and color of each house are different

Each batch of marble will be different, let alone produced by different manufacturers. Even if it is the same variety, different batches, different ore openings, and even products produced at different times in the same factory, there will be differences. Different parts of the same marble plate have different color shades. Therefore, strictly speaking, it is not surprising that there are no two identical marbles in the world, and the prices are different.

2. Different calculation methods

Marble is stored in the form of large plates, which are equivalent to clothes. The customer asked about the price. Some gave the price of cloth and some gave the price of clothes. There was a difference in the yield of at least 20% – 30%. Generally speaking, if the customer does not give a specific size list, the marble merchant gives the price of the large plate, that is, the price of the cloth. Only when the specific size is determined, the merchant can give a more accurate marble price according to the loss.

3. Different circulation links

There are manufacturers, dealers, even level 3 and level 4 dealers who sell marble in the market. The price difference is self-evident. Generally speaking, the prices of physical stores directly operated by manufacturers are relatively favorable due to the elimination of intermediate links.

4. Different pricing strategies

In order to seize the market, some businesses sell some products at transparent prices in some periods. The prices of these promotional products may be relatively cheap.

5. Different processing technology

For the same marble, large manufacturers and brand manufacturers will use high-quality marble plates with higher purchase prices for processing. With reliable quality assurance and strict processing management, the brightness and accuracy of the products are better than those of small manufacturers, and the price will be relatively higher.

However, you can’t just look at the price when buying home decoration stone products. If you just look at the price, you will enter a misunderstanding, that is, only comparing the price, you may only select or evaluate the stone merchants from the price, and ignore other comprehensive factors other than the price of a stone enterprise. But when you think about it, is price really the only factor you value? Or is the price your most important factor? Definitely not. At present, the prices of some stone materials in the market are ridiculously low. Most of these are non-standard businesses. They want to attract customers through low price quotations, then shoddy them as good, and then increase prices in various links in disguise to obtain high profits.

When choosing marble, you must choose the right one, don’t buy it with the mentality of being greedy for small and cheap, because marble is a special product. Many factors such as origin, processing, and after-sales will lead to different prices. Marble with the same quality and processing technology has different prices, but it won’t be too big, so you must compare the goods. Well, this article will be written here first. You are welcome to send me an email at sales@sntstone.com. Exchange more interesting stories about marble.

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