Exquisite Marble Carved Relief

The carving industry has been an inseparable part of us since ancient times. In particular, the exquisite carvings called in buildings are amazing. They can create all kinds of patterns on wood, gold and silver utensils, or our hard stones. Stone relief, which carves exquisite images on the surface of marble or other stones, is beautiful and generous, full of three-dimensional feeling, and extremely luxurious.

Every time I see various kinds of marble reliefs or carvings, I will be impressed by various superb carving technologies at home and abroad. I believe stone people are no strangers to carving. Stone carving is an important processing form in stone processing, and the well-known Huian stone carving, whether it is engineering buildings or villa exterior walls, Interior decoration is more or less inseparable from stone carving.

Exquisite stone carving products are often used in villas, luxury houses, high-end hotels, clubs, and other places. In this article, let’s briefly introduce marble carving relief.

Usually the main marble carving techniques

Relief, shallow carving, flat knife block surface method, Yin carving, transparent carving, hollow carving, through carving, three-dimensional round carving, and round knife carving method.

Indoor reliefs are mostly used for large format background walls. Many designers use the three-dimensional visual effect of relief to show strong movement and tension. The main forms are shrine type, high relief, shallow relief, line carving, hollowed-out type, and so on. Because of its compression characteristics and small space, it is suitable for decoration in a variety of environments. In our interior decoration, marble relief is very suitable for the decoration of various environments, such as European background walls, Roman columns, parapets, and other local decoration, so it is widely used in interior decoration.

● There are two methods of stone carving

1. Manual engraving

It is a traditional carving method. All the finished products are made by hand. The disadvantage is that the speed is relatively slow and the cost is high. The advantage is that the more you see it, the more you want to see it. It has a unique beauty and is vivid.

2. NC engraving

Stone carving machine has been popularized very fast in recent years. Its advantage is that it can be produced in large quantities only by drawing or a model. This is unmatched by artificial carving. It is more suitable for making a large number of stone carving crafts, building stone carving components, and the production of marble relief. The biggest advantage of stone carving machines is low production cost.

● Seven basic tools necessary for stone carving

1. Sculpture knife

2. Stone chisel

3. stone carving hammer

4. Wood carving knife

5. Bow handle

6. Proportional bow handle

7. Point type instrument

● Classification of main carving techniques

1. Compressed stone relief

Compression is common in stone relief. Its principle is to assume that the x-axis, Y-axis, and z-axis of space are used to keep the x-axis and y-axis unchanged during carving, but reduce the proportion of the z-axis on the z-axis surface, showing the brilliance of carving design.

2. Iiiusion utilization

The design of stone relief is more distinctive. The use of illusion often becomes the main form of stone relief, especially in multi-level use. This form of sculpture often uses people’s visual illusion to move the objects behind to the front, so that they are equivalent to being on a plane. The application of this carving form is still very good, and it needs to be considered in advance when building.

3. Exterior silhouette

The design of stone relief is carried out on the plane. If you want to show the wonderful feeling of carving, you should also consider the creation of external contour, and make full use of the shape of the stone itself for subtle modeling. This generally takes into account the starting technology. It is used more in carving design. If you can master it well, it will have a sense of hierarchy and a three-dimensional effect.

Stone carvings and reliefs show many abstract things vividly, full of three-dimensional feeling and artistry. Of course, if you want to master this skill skillfully, you also need to make great efforts to learn and accumulate. Well, today’s article is written here. For deficiencies, you are welcome to email me at sales@sntstone.com.

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