What Are The Applications Of Stone In The Interior?

Stone is an ancient building material, which develops from the basic materials and structural materials to the decorative materials, which is inseparable from its characteristics. This article will talk about the application of natural stone in interior space decoration design:

Characteristics of stone

Stone is a material that is processed and manufactured by natural rock and used for building, decoration, stone tablets, handicrafts, or pavement, including natural stone and artificial stone.

Natural stone is a natural rock of a special size or shape which is selected and processed. According to the material, it is mainly divided into marble, granite, limestone, sandstone, slate, etc. according to the purpose, it is mainly divided into natural building materials and natural decorative materials.

Artificial stone is a kind of material that is made by humans to imitate the formation and characteristics of natural stone in various ways, as well as its physical, chemical, and uses properties.

Decorative features

In the interior environment, stone can be used as decoration to give people harmonious, elegant, solemn, noble, luxury and other beautiful feelings, while the factors that determine the decorative performance of stone are mainly the color, pattern, shape, right, and texture of stone.

The color of the stone is rich and varied, and its natural texture contains the natural weather and beautiful scenery at four times. The ancient Chinese used the unique color and pattern of stone to form a natural landscape painting;

The shape and texture of stone can achieve different decorative effects according to its chemical composition, formation reason, and processing technology. The board surface has large and small, angular, wool, smooth, matte, natural surface, etc., which can be used for various decorative styles. In addition, whether it is rough or polished stone has the natural beauty of simplicity and elegance. In ancient China, some people have evaluated that the “landscape painting” made up of natural texture displayed by natural color and pattern of stone is “all the pieces are strange, all of which are wonderful to color the landscape, the dangerous peak and the ravine, the waterfall is accompanied by the clouds, the snow cliff reflects the water, and the layers are far and close. The pen is smart, the cloud can live, if there is a sound, it is not special five colors brilliant just. “

The application of stone in interior interface decoration design

The indoor interface includes the floor, top surface, and side. Today we introduce the indoor floor, wall, tabletop, and column surface.

●  Ground

The interior floor decoration of stone has simple stone paving, matching, and so on, and there is also complex stone mosaic ground. Simple stone laying on the indoor floor pays attention to the decoration of color and texture. In public space, the color is usually required to be soft, bright, magnificent, or with a simple and natural style; Especially hotel, indoor materials pursuit of magnificence, so generally use warm tone marble.

But in the office building, it is concise and quick. What private building interior needs are reasonable laying of the small area. Therefore, a stone application should be divided randomly according to the size of space, to make the whole plane more personalized; In public buildings, although laying different colors and materials ground stone gives people different visual feelings and sentiments, but for the large-area division of ground stone, square specifications are usually adopted, which can make the whole plane appear generous and stable.

The mosaic decoration of various stone materials should be designed according to different places, different areas, and different space environments. In addition, the design of the decoration of the interior floor stone mosaic also takes into account the variety and specification of the stone. Generally, considering the convenience of construction and the limitation of cost, stone mosaic decoration design can use the existing stone to form some simple and simple patterns in order. Sometimes, to set off the surrounding environment and highlight the elegant artistic style and national characteristics of stone mosaic patterns, various curves and polylines can be adopted to form more complex graphics.

The ground mosaic decoration can make the natural texture and color sense of stone perfectly displayed, and the clever collocation of material and color can vividly show the noble and elegant style of stone.

●   Wall decoration

In the interior design of living in it, the area of private housing is not large, but people often hope to design the effect of reflecting cultural characteristics and material texture when decorating and form a contrast with the outdoor environment. For example, warm and exquisite wall decoration effect is often pursued by people, especially for the decoration of the wall (background wall) behind the TV; The background wall is a decorative highlight of interior decoration. The second artistic creation is made with the natural texture of marble, which shows the ingenuity of designers and stone people.

●   Tabletop decoration

To improve the lighting effect and expand the indoor activity space, the application of the window is very popular nowadays. As a part of the building, the window is not only a window for indoor lighting ventilation but also a transition space between people and the external environment. Therefore, the decoration of the window is not ignored by designers; The design of the window decoration should not only be beautiful and generous but also the lines should be rich in changes, to achieve a beautiful effect in the indoor environment. Compared with other materials, it is a better choice to install a marble with a smooth surface, beautiful color, and natural texture. This not only decorates the local environment but also makes the interior environment appear natural and dignified and gorgeous. Of course, there are our tables, kitchen tables and so on, which are also very suitable for using stone as the table.

●   Column decoration

In modern large buildings, columns play a bearing role in the building. Similarly, as a part of the interior interface, its decoration is also necessary. No decorative material can decorate the interior environment with stone to decorate the cement column.

Stone as a decorative material has the decorative characteristics of returning to nature and returning to nature and is more and more popular with people. The visual, psychological, emotional, and other aspects of stone materials, focusing on the visual feelings brought by texture, texture, and color, flexibly select and apply suitable stone decorative materials, use the combination of stone materials to express the functions, styles, and emotions of different spaces, and create various distinctive indoor space environment. As for the application of stone in interior, I hope you can send me an email at sales@sntstone.com.

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