How to make the stone cage wall?

Gabions are metal cages or boxes filled with stones or other common earth materials. They are often used as retaining walls or other outdoor walls. Cages are most often made of stainless steel, galvanized, or powder-coated steel mesh plates, which are connected with spiral adhesive or ring fasteners to form a rectangular shape.

Advantages: convenient installation, long uses time, beautiful, and has the characteristics of sustainable development. If it is filled with recycled concrete or waste rock mass, the transportation of waste to landfills and related fuel costs can be saved.

How to use gabion wall

Retaining wall: gabion is developed for practical use. Landscape architects and designers are looking for new ways to maximize its landscape function. Look, this gabion wall is used in the front garden as a decorative retaining wall.

The stones of the outer wall are in the color of sand and clay, which is very warm. Remember that when using a gabion net retaining wall, the filling material must be full and dense; If it is in the courtyard, the surface of the gabion wall can be leveled and covered with slate to make a bench, which is very practical.

Exterior wall: we have all heard of “outdoor space”. Gabion wall can redefine and interpret outdoor space. It can connect garden and home, making indoor and outdoor more closely related.

The gabion wall not only has obvious aesthetic characteristics but also has practical attraction. In hot summer, the shade projected on the wall can help cool the space and make people feel cool. Moreover, using stones of different shapes, sizes and colors can create interesting patterns on the wall.

The construction technology of gabion walls is a common problem in garden landscape engineering. According to the different geological environments, the practice and construction technology of the gabion wall are different.

Common practices and construction techniques are mainly different from the following:

The style of stone cage landscape wall is composed of two parts, one is the external steel mesh of the stone cage, and the other is the stone inside the stone cage. In terms of gabion steel mesh, it refers to the fixed connection of the whole gabion by space connection. The normal gabion is a cube with 6 faces, which are the front, back, left, right, up, and down of gabion steel mesh respectively; 12 gabion connectors are respectively placed on the 12 edges of the cube; According to the length of gabion, several internal gabion tie bars will be configured to achieve load balance.

For the height of the gabion wall, the common practice is a low wall, which is mostly found in two specifications of 50cm and 100cm. The thickness of the gabion wall at this height can be 20cm or 30cm. On the premise of meeting the stability of the gabion wall, the beauty of the gabion wall can also be greatly reflected.

For geological problems of the gabion wall, cement pouring foundation is preferred and Gabion steel mesh is directly placed; The second is a hard land. When building the stone cage wall, you can lay broken stones and then place the stone cage; If the gabion is placed in sandy soil and soft geology, the steel structure needs to be built to reduce the local pressure before the gabion wall can be placed.

The technical design of gabion wall construction is mainly determined from the effect drawing of the gabion wall, the construction drawing of the gabion wall, and the construction site of the gabion wall, and the specific situation is analyzed in detail.

In addition, you can use good-looking decorative stone on the surface and fill it with concrete where you can’t see, which can reduce the cost! Gabions are filled not only with rock and concrete but also with chopped and stacked wood.

Gabions are the characteristics of decorative gardens. The use of gabions has gone beyond simple functions to the realm of decoration. It can be used in gardens in a variety of unexpected forms, including as walls and gates. Well, let’s write this article here.

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