How To Make A Stone Bath?

The shower room is the place in each home outfit is necessary, the tile goes up directly commonly in the home of conventional public, such method is in prevent slippery, beautiful, clean the respect is not very ideal, because of these problems, use stone material to regard bath as the material between can solve these problems very easily. So in this article, we will share the story of the stone bath.

● Kyrgyz shower stone application details

01. Shower room slippery ground stone processing ground

Stone grooves are smooth to avoid scratches on the soles of the feet

02. Hidden floor drain

03. Other bathroom details

When we had chosen to do toilet shower with stone when the ground, need to consider how to do, what practice does that stone do the ground between shower after all?

● Anyway, the basic structure of the shower floor

1. We need to understand the basic requirements of using stone to do the floor of the shower:

The first, the position of the ground between entering and exit shower needs to make a stone base, it is to block water and make glass partition to use;

The 2nd, one side of the drain of ground of the ground between shower needs to compare other a few low to facilitate flowing water;

Third, the position of the standing bath needs to be higher than the side of the floor drain and the rest of the side of the water is high plate thickness, to facilitate water and not water;

Fourth, you can choose one side of the water or multiple glasses of water, or circular water.

The practice of stone base on the ground is relatively simple, generally, there are 3 pieces of 60mm wide flat plate touch right Angle combination into a U shape, when the installation is inverted on the ground, the installation level is required.

Of the ground running water the smooth surface plate that is stone material commonly can, the dimension that completes commonly is in 60mm to 100mm or so, can meet the demand of flowing water, specific width will decide according to the size of the ground between shower, installation requirement needs an inclined degree so that flowing water.

2. Grooving mode

The ground tread surface approach is more, you can do one-way 3mm width 2mm depth slot, two-way 3mm width 2mm depth slot, one-way 10-30mm width 6mm deep Roman slot, two-way 10-30mm width 6mm deep Roman slot, pickling pitting surface or smooth surface and then spread anti-skid pad on it can also.

1) What are the functions of the slot?

● Anyway drains water quickly. Shower ground surface shop pulls groove, because of the modeling of groove, water can be quickly discharged along the groove, enter floor drain through drain cistern again, the ground won’t produce ponding water.

● Anyway, they don’t slip. The slot board is not a flat board, which has a bump. When we take a bath, we do not need to worry about the problem of slipping. If there are old people in the home, it is a very wise choice to install the slotted board.

● Anyway, it prevents water from running in the shower. This is the biggest advantage of toilet installation pull trough plate because the middle is raised, the water flows downwards, so the water can naturally flow into the sunken place around so that the part under people’s feet is not easy to water when taking a bath, it is more comfortable.

● Anyway, it’s more beautiful and classy. The shower room laid pulls groove, compare drab ceramic tile ground, form the aesthetic feeling on the vision more easily, and the foot feels more comfortable, promoted the grade that decorates.

2) The problems to pay attention to in the slot

Small problem with shower board slot:

Problem one: the floor drain needs to be placed alongside, otherwise it will affect the integrity of the stone, and the construction will not be convenient. If the house itself is not against the wall of the drainpipe, also needs to be moved against the wall when the water and electricity.

Problem 2: because stone material shower board pulls a lot of gully after groove, the likelihood when sweeping sanitation is met some more laborious, but a flaw does not obscure yu, also can have cleanness problem with other material.

3. Pickling face bath

Pickling surface corrosion oxalate stone material surface, make the loss of stone material surface is smooth, become uneven pits, which can effectively increase the attrition and soles, strengthen prevent slippery effect, and since you are on the surface of pickling whole, so is a complete surface on the surface, not like a knife slot or Roman tank that there will be obvious to print.

The ground between shower does stone material to suggest to choose brunet stone material commonly to do, basically be to avoid light color board to be in bath milk wait for all sorts of things that wash bath and clean things for a long time to use below the besmear that is not easy to clean and affect appearance. And should undertake cleaning to the ground between shower irregularly, keep neat.

When choosing a stone bath plate, whether it is the way of lathering, or directly do pickling surface, the main purpose is to prevent slip, so in the same way, to enjoy the warmth of stone bath, we must pay attention to safety, especially pay attention to anti-slip, there is also need to pay attention to After the stone groove, there may be edge collapse, which is easy to scratch your feet, so the bath board must be regularly nursing. Well, that’s all for this article, and you are welcome to send an email to Leave me a message.

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