How To Maintain Stone Furniture?

The furniture that stone material makes basically has natural marble, artificial marble, resin artificial marble! Choose natural marble color natural, environmental protection. Conventional wood furniture has been unable to meet the needs of people, at this time, people put the material that decorates furniture on stone material. Then, marble, artificial stone, and so on material stone appeared in the market. Today we are going to talk about the maintenance of stone furniture.

● Anyway, stone furniture is furniture decorated with marble, made with wood, metal, and other materials. Because there are special and beautiful decorative patterns, natural marble stone with massiness, a sense of value, not only do people like to use them to decorate the floor, wall, and the love of the marble extends to the furniture, marble stone table panel is commonly used in furniture, TV ark, tea table panel board, or a few used indoor, with wood or leather cloth furniture collocation is used.

● Neglecting stone furniture care

1. When moving, pay attention to the placement of the shape of the stone, do not hit the stone with sharp hard objects, This will scratch the surface of the stone, reduce the service life of the stone. At the same time, when moving the stone, if it is a double layer of stone, in the handling of the time must be close to the overlap, the middle can not leave a gap. If there is a gap in the middle, there will be shaking when handling stone furniture, which is prone to collision accidents, which can directly lead to damage of stone furniture.

2. Do not touch non-neutral objects. All stone furniture is afraid of acid and alkali. For example, acid often causes oxidation of pyrite in granite and produces yellow, the acid will decompose the calcium carbonate contained in marble, resulting in surface erosion, alkali will also erode granite feldspar and quartz silicide crystal grain boundaries caused by the phenomenon of grain stripping. Because this is not the neuter article is the original fierce that destroys stone material furniture mirror.

3. Do not cover carpets and sundries for a long time. In order to keep the breathing of stone furniture smooth, it is necessary to avoid covering the surface of stone furniture with carpets and sundries for a long time. Otherwise, the moisture under the stone furniture cannot evaporate through the pores of the stone furniture. Stone material furniture can because of moisture is overweight, if you must lay carpet, pile buy sundry, do not forget to want to often change please stone material furniture disease problem that produces annoying because of moisture content heighten.

4 stone furniture is afraid of environmental humidity is too large. Water vapor can produce hydration, hydrolysis, and carbonation on stone furniture, produce water spots, bleaching, weathering, denudation, rust yellow, and other lesions, destroy stone furniture. Therefore, stone furniture installation should always keep dry and ventilated.

5. Do not wax freely. There are many kinds of wax on the market, such as water-based wax, stearic acid wax, oily wax, acrylic wax, and so on. These waxes basically contain acid and base materials. Not only can block the pores of stone furniture breath but also can be stained with dirt to form wax scale, causing the surface of stone furniture to produce yellowing phenomenon. However, if it is necessary for pedestrians and places with a high frequency of goods circulation to wax, it is necessary to consult a professional maintenance company for guidance on wax and maintenance.

● Anyway, a way to clean stone furniture

1. The natural stone material furniture is in use process still need people careful maintenance to ensure that its service life is long, in terms of marble, marble is a porous material, so easy to stain, the water should be used when cleaning, less regularly with mild detergent with a slightly damp cloth to wipe, then wipe dry with a clean soft cloth and polished.

2. The marble furniture with serious wear and tear is dealt with hard, usable steel velvet is wiped, grind with electric burnisher next, make it restores burnish. Or wipe carefully with liquid lotion, usable lemon juice, or vinegar clean stain, but the time that lemon stays above had better not exceed 1-2 minutes, can repeat when necessary operation, clean and dry next.

3. Both hard granite or soft marble is not resistant to the long-term ravages of wind sand and soil particles. Therefore, we should make use of dust remover and electrostatic mop from time to time to do a good job of dust removal and cleaning. Dust removal mats need to be placed at the entrance of high-end office buildings, hotels, and other commercial spaces. It is best to wear slippers after entering the sand with filter shoes to reduce the opportunity of sand dust wear on the surface of stone furniture.

4. All stone furniture with a natural wool stoma, pollution sources (oil, tea, coffee, coke, soy sauce, ink, etc.) it is easy to follow the wool stoma to infiltrate stone furniture interior, forming a nasty stain, so be sure to select the stone material of fine quality furniture special protective agent applied to prevent the pollution stone on stone furniture. Want to know all protective agent is impossible 100 % for a long time to stop pollution, so once pollution source is poured on stone furniture must be clear immediately, in order to prevent infiltration stone furniture capillary hole.

5. For minor abrasions, a special marble cleaner and nursing agent can be used.

Stone material furniture gets the welcome of owner very much now, their atmosphere massiness, with the words of the literary and artistic circle, namely “can press stand”. Choose stone furniture, the most key is to match with the overall style, at the same time stone furniture in the jewelry selection is also more exquisite. Ok, this article is written here, look forward to you sending me, to share more fun marble products.

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