Knowledge summary of garden landscape stone table and stone stool

Garden stone tables and stone stools, an indispensable part of the garden landscape, make people closer to nature. The “stone” gives people the cold of thousands of miles, but the “stool” is close to people. It is the Chinese culture inherited for thousands of years that gives the temperature of stone. Stone stool is indispensable support of the park tourist area. People put design elements into it. In China, the stool is also the symbol of the personality of the scenic spot and the crystallization of the life wisdom of the Chinese people.

In ancient times, such exquisitely carved stone tables could only be owned by Royal relatives or dignitaries. Although the stone tables were durable, many such antiques could not be preserved due to the wars in modern history. Therefore, it is not too much for the real antique stone tables to be worth millions. Usually, most of our common stone tables are antique products, with a general value of tens of thousands.

The landscape in the court is elegant, and the stone table is antique; Sit still and watch, and your eyes are full of poetry and painting; When leaning, they are all elegant leisure, which is the poetic spirit of the Chinese people. A table, a chair, and a couch are full of freedom, uncontested romance, and comfortable innocence.

It’s better to collect such a set of stone tables than to have a courtyard at home. It’s not vulgar! Local tyrants can buy white marble. Large families choose bluestone material, which is both practical and beautiful and can maintain and appreciate value. They can finish eating, drinking tea, reading, and painting on the stone table in the yard. In their spare time, they can invite three or five friends to play chess and tea. The elegance, leisure, spirit, and peace of life are among them.

Chinese people pay attention to Feng Shui in their courtyards. Friends with courtyards must use it:

1. The stone table and stone stool cannot be placed at the front door, otherwise, it will hinder the wide view of the door, which will hinder the owner’s career and life.

2. Stone tables and stools cannot face the window, which also affects the vision. Generally, stone furniture has edges and corners. If the edges and corners face the window, it will form an angular evil spirit, which will also affect the owner’s luck. Therefore, it is generally recommended to choose round stone tables and stools as much as possible.

3. Too small a yard is not suitable for placing such large furniture, which will cause congestion and affect the view of the yard. Therefore, it is doomed that such furniture can only be owned by large families.

Arrangement of garden stone table and stone stool

In the design of small gardens, the following problems should be paid attention to in the layout of stone tables and stools:

1. The overall layout shall be uniform and the local layout shall be centralized. The overall layout should be dense and appropriate to avoid the situation where no one sits with a stool and no one sits without a stool. In some large activity places, it should be set up in groups to facilitate people’s activities and communication.

2. The arrangement of stone tables and stools should be combined with plant planting. The ideal effect is that they can be shaded in summer and warm in winter. Therefore, they can be arranged with deciduous trees.

3. Stone tables and benches shall be set away from the building to prevent people from being injured by falling objects on the balcony.

4. Stone tables and benches can be arranged under the courtyard lights. At night, people can use the lights to read books and newspapers.

5. Stone tables and stools shall be arranged close to the corners of garden corridors and activity places, and shall not hinder pedestrians.

6. The small garden in the courtyard is set for residents’ leisure, so the stone bench should be arranged so that people can sit in the back and face the green space rather than the main road.

7. Waste materials such as peel and paper scraps shall be generated around the stone table and stone stool. Therefore, the stone table and stone stool shall not be arranged in the hardened area of lawn brick and places not conducive to cleaning.

Chinese culture advocates the integration with nature, so the art of sitting on a stone table made of natural materials can’t match the Chinese courtyard style. In other words, if you put iron furniture or a waterproof outdoor sofa, you will lose your charm and temperament. Stone appreciation has been popular in China since ancient times. It is also the epitome of the artistic life of the Chinese people. The relevant contents of garden stone tables and stools are mentioned here. If you are interested in this content, please email me a message, and I will reply to you in time.

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