Knowledge explanation of limestone

Recently, there has been a “lime wave” at home and abroad, which has captured the favor of a number of domestic and foreign designers. Lyme stone is a natural treasure advocating culture and precipitation, and art originating from nature. After hundreds of millions of years of precipitation, it has achieved a century of classical architecture and culture, writing history, and time.

Lyme stone belongs to natural limestone. It is a crystalline stone formed by the accumulation of rocks, rock debris, shellfish, corals, and other alluvial materials under the sea floor hundreds of millions of years ago through weather and crustal changes. Due to different depositional years, it is finally formed through geothermal and crustal pressure, fusion, and long-term crustal collision and compression, with gray, gray-white, gray-black, yellow, light red, maroon, and other colors, After being melted, stones with different hardness and softness appear. We call them limestones. Limestone also enjoys another noble name – “Stone of Life”

In the Middle Ages, limestone was regarded as a symbol of height and centralization in the West. It witnessed the centralization of Louis XIV and the rise and fall of Napoleon. The Louvre and the Statue of Victory are irreplaceable classics. These buildings have gone through the changes of the times and still retain their original noble atmosphere and cultural connotation.

Material category

1) Lyme stone can be roughly divided into white, gray, brown, beige, and yellow according to its color.

2) Lyme stone can be divided into limestone matt surface, limestone lychee surface and limestone brushed surface according to the surface texture.

Material properties

01. Natural environmental protection, no radiation

Any natural stone is a non-radiation, green and environment-friendly building material. Lyme stone is a material that has been formed after hundreds of millions of years of precipitation and crystallization, and its performance is superior.

02. Moisture absorption and heat absorption

The weak water absorption of limestone can effectively regulate indoor humidity, while its natural high heat storage performance can absorb intense external heat and release it slowly, contributing to a warm winter and cool summer environment.

03. Beautiful texture and color

Lyme stone has uniform texture, mild and low-key color, and is very textured. At the same time, it has the hardness of granite. It is often used for building exterior walls and is an irreplaceable classic.

04. No elasticity, easy to crack

Although the hardness of limestone is very high, it has no elasticity. If the panel cracks, it means that the whole stone must be replaced. Because of its pure natural characteristics, it is very easy to crack. Any external collision may increase its cracking speed.

05. Limited size

Because the limestone is natural, its area is generally small due to its cause of formation, and the current construction technology cannot achieve the perfect splicing of two pieces, so it is often limited by size in the application process.

06. Easily fade and is dirty

Limestone is composed of calcium carbonate, with fine pores on the surface. If the surface is stained with water stains, it can easily be absorbed into the stone.

Moreover, due to technical reasons, the joint of the two stones can not be perfectly spliced, and it is easy to hide dirt.

After hundreds of billions of years of metamorphosis, limestone has formed a weak water absorption performance to effectively regulate indoor humidity. Its strong weathering resistance and long service life are determined by its natural characteristics, which make it one of the excellent building materials. Lyme stone has uniform texture, mild and low-key color, and is extremely textured. At the same time, it has the hardness of granite. It is often used for building exterior walls. It is an irreplaceable classic stone used by European courts.

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