Brief Introduction Of Natural Marble Partition

In-home decoration, there are often some humble designs that play an important role, such as partition. Partition, which separates the room from the facade of many spaces, can make the decoration style more changeable. Compared with brick walls, the partition is flexible and beautiful.

Partition, as the name suggests, is to separate the space, distinguish the space, break the inherent pattern of the space, properly designed also plays a role in decoration and beauty, and add points to the home decoration design. There are many materials used for partition. Wood, glass, and metal are common partition materials, and marble can also be used as a partition. The natural color and texture make the space look generous and textured. Next, we will introduce the application of stone partition in each part.

Porch partition

As the first space to enter the home, the porch determines to give people the first impression. The design of the porch is often to partition the living room, avoid a glance in the public area and protect privacy. Of course, the design of the porch is also the first place to reflect the home decoration style.

Living room partition

Living room partition design can play a variety of roles. In large house types, the living room is also relatively spacious, and the design partition can reduce monotony and emptiness. The partition is set in the living room and the aisle leading to other areas of the home, which can not only distinguish the space but also serve as decoration. Of course, the partition design is often used on the wall of the living room.

Bedroom partition

The design of the modern home decoration bedroom is no longer just the traditional bed + high background wall. The bed is placed in the center of the bedroom, the marble half background wall is used as a partition, and the rear space is set as a dressing table or workbench. Marble is one of the good choices as a half background wall, which is both convenient and high-grade.

TV wall partition

One thing for two purposes, with the TV background wall as a partition. In a small family, in order to divide the area in the limited space, partition walls are often used, and high partition will make the space appear crowded, so half wall partition has become a good choice. Of course, no matter what kind of house type, partition design has its role.

Kitchen partition

As the kitchen is a place with a strong breath of life, water resistance and oil fume need to be considered, and the marble partition is very suitable for use in the kitchen, which is convenient for cleaning. For open kitchens, partitions are often used to distinguish spaces.

Toilet partition

The bathroom belongs to a space with large moisture in the whole household environment, so it is also very necessary to separate dry and wet. Marble as the toilet partition can distinguish between shower room and dressing room, and the material is suitable as a waterproof partition.

The good use of marble partition not only enriches the practicability of home decoration design function, expands and makes full use of space, but also plays a decorative role, and the natural texture of marble improves the grade of home decoration. Well, this article will be written here first. You are welcome to pay attention to my email Let’s find more interesting things.

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