Importance Of Stone Setting Out And Drawing

Stone is now a very common high-grade decoration material. It can be seen everywhere. There are many sizes and styles. How are these sizes and styles planned? From this article, we will talk about stone setting out.

01. Definition of setting out

1. Whose business is lofting?

Setting out is to sort out the blanking drawings or lists in combination with the design drawings and the actual size of the site. Setting out is initially the work of the construction team. The ability of the construction team is different, the drawing quality is different, and the drawing methods are also different, which has a great impact on the stone processing manufacturers;

The specific work of setting out is mainly based on the construction team. The technicians of the stone processing manufacturer assist the construction team in the setting out process, negotiate and solve the setting out methods and measurement means, sort out the processing drawings based on Surveying and mapping, and recheck with the construction team on the site before formal processing to ensure that there is no error.

2. Importance of setting out

Stone processing manufacturers must participate in setting out and drawing. The purpose of setting out is to produce the processing drawing. The stone manufacturer’s participation in setting out can ensure the accuracy of the processing drawing, understand the setting out process and sort out the associated drawings, which is very important to guide the processing.

3. Necessary conditions for setting out personnel:

1) Have a good understanding of stone processing technology.

2) Familiar with mechanical drawings, especially architectural design drawings.

3) Have a certain understanding of building construction.

4) Rich practical experience in stone installation.

5) Have a certain understanding or design ability of stone decoration design, and be able to put forward some creative and reasonable suggestions, which is certainly helpful to production, processing, and site construction.

02. Preparation before setting out

1. First, the basic design drawings are finalized; Decoration design drawings are comprehensive and comprehensive design drawings; It includes all decoration materials and construction schemes. The variety, style and cooperation relationship of materials are closely related to stone. We should check whether the drawings related to stone are complete before setting out;

2. Civil works have been completed; In the process of interior decoration, there are often civil engineering modifications and additions, which must be completed in advance before setting out;

3. The leveling and elevation have been determined; Leveling is the benchmark for site measurement, which must be completed first. In particular, the floor height of stairs shall be measured, and the data shall be as accurate as possible, which shall be calculated based on the leveling line of two floors. There will be an obvious gap between the design elevation and the civil engineering dimension. Whether the elevation is appropriate needs to be verified on site.

4. Determine the position of door and window frames; Generally, the civil engineering of doors and windows is not standard. Most of the dimensions and positions will be modified in the process of decoration design. The model, specification, and position of doors and windows must be determined before setting out of stones.

5. The toilet shall be waterproof and the finished surface shall be determined;

6. The stone installation scheme shall be clear; The dry hanging method and wet pasting of wall stones determine the size of the finished surface and the boundary line of the finished surface of the ground; The finished surface after stone installation can be set out according to the civil foundation and construction details.

The quality of stone setting out and drawing is not only a test of the hard strength of a stone enterprise but also closely related to the survival of the enterprise. Well, this article will be written here first. The next few articles will focus on explaining each space of the project. We look forward to your attention. You are also welcome to email me at

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