How to solve the problem of stone typesetting?

Why is a large area of stone so beautiful after paving? In fact, typesetting plays a very important role. What do you think about typesetting? It has been 20 years since the arrangement of stones was made, but the problem of arranging the stones has not been solved, which has become a must-to-solve problem that restricts the production and processing efficiency of stones and increases the production and processing cost of stones.

Let me share with you seven methods, which can give some ideas to stone workers to reduce the subsequent typesetting workload and the labor intensity of plate setters.

1. Large plate arrangement

Take one piece from each block and arrange it, adjust the order according to the color change, and then plan the materials according to the principle of color transition.

This planning method is the most common and popular method. However, the principle and premise of this planning method are that the color and texture of the material are stable and the change is small. When the color and texture of the material change greatly, it has a great risk and is easy to lead to differences in product color and texture. In actual planning, try to arrange as many boards as possible to confirm whether the material color and texture change greatly.

2. Planning method of large plate scribing

Arrange the boards one by one in a straight line according to the number on the board, and plan the materials on the board according to the number on the production and processing sheet. The quality of the engineering board processed by this method is good, but the work efficiency is low. This planning method is a very accurate planning method. Less material waste, good product quality, and excellent decoration effect.

3. Sticker planning method

This method is a little simpler than large plate scribing. The material planner shall use self-adhesive paper or textured paper to paste it on the planned board according to the typesetting drawing on the production and processing sheet. The position of the sticker is basically the same as the product size marked on the production and processing typesetting drawing. As long as the plate cutter cuts the plate according to the size or number in the sticker area, the effect of later plate arrangement can be guaranteed. The plate setter arranges plates by number, which can greatly reduce the workload of plate arrangement.

4. Computer typesetting

Computer typesetting is a very popular typesetting mode in recent years, and it is also a mode for stone processing enterprises to reduce the labor intensity of the typesetting staff in the future. Due to various reasons, this typesetting method has not yet gone deep into a large number of stone processing enterprises. However, with the improvement and maturity of this computer typesetting method, sooner or later it will become the mainstream typesetting method for stone processing enterprises and make its due contribution to stone processing enterprises.

5. Processing while planning

During production and processing, the operator shall process and plan by himself. This is the most unscientific planning method with great blindness, which is easy to lead to batch color differences of processed products. However, this is also a good method if the cutting worker has a comprehensive technical level. In the 1990s, when there was no concept of typesetting, how to cut boards? How to ensure that the cutting effect is determined by the cutting worker? The final effect is no worse than that of the rear plate after cutting.

6. Unplanned random cutting method

There is no need to pursue the so-called basic consistency of color and texture for some stones with the color difference. This kind of stone is created for the color difference. What is needed is the decorative effect produced by the color difference. Why spend a lot of time on typesetting to pursue the so-called basic consistency of color and texture? Sometimes it may not be possible to get a good decorative effect after arranging.

7. Mechanized and automatic plate arrangement

The development of stone processing machinery and the development of industrial manufacturing towards automation and intelligence provide the direction of mechanization, automation, and even intelligent typesetting for future stone processing enterprises. But this road is still very long for the stone industry. The author was committed to the research and development of this equipment several years ago.

Later, because of the equipment cost and the accuracy of the plate arrangement, it was shelved. However, the author firmly believes that stone processing enterprises have to take this road as the labor force becomes tenser and the labor cost is high.

In a word, stone processing enterprises have much to do to reduce the workload of plate arrangement, reduce the labor intensity of plate arrangement staff, reduce the time of plate arrangement, and improve the on-time delivery rate of orders.

If the above seven methods are well understood, they can basically solve the problem of difficult plate arrangement in stone processing enterprises, improve the production efficiency of stone processing enterprises, reduce the difficulty and intensity of plate arrangement employees, and thus improve the profits of enterprises.

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