How to prevent the phenomenon of marble freezing and thawing in winter?

The colder the weather turned out to be, and there were also many stone problems that followed. The most common stone problem in winter is mainly the freeze-thaw phenomenon. This phenomenon mainly occurs near the north or in areas with relatively cold weather.

1、 The cause of freeze-thaw formation.

The main reason for stone freeze-thaw is still due to one source – water. When the capillary pores of the stone absorb the corresponding water, the water in the stone will begin to freeze once the temperature drops below 0 ° C.

Generally speaking, substances obey the law of “Thermal expansion”, while water does the opposite. The density of water reaches its maximum at 4 ℃, and water molecules operate independently with fluidity. As the temperature of water decreases from 4 ℃ to 0 ℃, the water molecules in the ice are arranged in a three-dimensional pattern in an abnormally loose form. This structural form actually leaves many “voids” and the density decreases. Experiments have shown that when 1 cubic meter of water freezes, its volume increases to 1.11 cubic meters. IDstone5A

Therefore, when water enters the pores or gaps of natural stone, it freezes and increases in volume, causing the pores or gaps to expand. Then, the natural stone absorbs more water, causing the pores or gaps to further expand. This vicious cycle ultimately leads to the fragmentation of natural stone.

2、 Prevention of freeze-thaw

Regarding the phenomenon of freeze-thaw, regardless of the stone protection method, the source is the main factor that forms freeze-thaw water. We can prevent freezing and thawing by preventing water from entering the stone. So, for the freeze-thaw phenomenon of stone, it is necessary to adopt a method of early treatment, basically by using a stone curing agent to protect the stone. After drying the stone, repeatedly and evenly apply protective agents such as waterproof agents to the surface of the stone for use. The purpose is to prevent water from entering the pores of the stone, which can completely prevent freezing and thawing.

The reason why stone protection work is important is to make the stone healthier, and reduce or even eliminate the occurrence of stone lesions and other phenomena. Environmental factors are inevitable, but we can artificially protect the stones appropriately. Stone freeze-thaw is only one type of stone problem, but stone protection can avoid many stone problems.

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