How to make stone finishes on suspended ceilings?

Unlike wood veneers, ‘Stone to the Sky’ is not about fire prevention, but about its own weight. To make stone finishes on the ceiling, do not directly dry hang or paste the stone panels onto the base layer of the top surface. It is easy to fall and injure people due to gravity, posing a great safety hazard. Moreover, it is now a lifelong design responsibility system, remember? Remember! There are two mainstream methods for using stone materials in the sky: using “stone composite honeycomb aluminum plates” or using “stone transfer printing aluminum plates”.

Stone composite honeycomb aluminum plate

a. Specific approach

In order to reduce the weight of the stone itself and ensure the texture and texture of the stone itself. The optimal solution for “stone ascending to the sky” is to cut the original 20mm thick stone into 3-5mm thick single stone pieces, composite the single stone pieces onto the metal honeycomb aluminum plate, and then hang the metal honeycomb aluminum plate dry to achieve the effect of stone ceiling decoration.

b. Characteristics

The advantage of this method is that the cut stone has a natural texture, and high flatness, is lightweight, and is safe and reliable. However, the disadvantage is that the cost is high, and the soft stone with rich texture is fragile and not suitable for composite stone processing. Therefore, it is suitable for large-area suspended ceilings and can be used when the stone pattern can be clearly observed when the suspended ceiling is low.

Stone transfer printing aluminum plate

a. Specific approach

Stone transfer printing of aluminum plates is similar to wood veneers. Computer-generated images of stone patterns are processed using aluminum plate transfer technology to transform the stone into aluminum plates with stone patterns, and aluminum plates are directly used to replace the removed stone as ceiling finishes.

b. Characteristics

The advantages are high safety, relatively low cost, and a fast construction process, while the disadvantages are unnatural stone patterns and poor appearance. Therefore, this method is suitable for spaces with high ceilings, and its node method is the same as that of conventional aluminum plate ceilings.

If it is the top surface stone for making stone door jambs, it can be directly hung in a dry manner. Because the area of the stone door cover is small, and in addition to a downward force, there is also a lateral force to lift the stone, so there is a certain degree of safety guarantee.

How to make stone bonding more reliable at the lowest cost?

We know that the problem with direct wet bonding of stone is poor seismic resistance. When the wall exceeds 3.5m, it is not recommended to use it. At the same time, due to the thermal expansion and contraction of the spatial environment, the use of stone wet bonding on a large area can easily lead to the phenomenon of stone falling off.

In order to ensure the firmness of stone wet bonding, metal hanging pieces are usually used as physical connections when wet bonding large areas of wall stone, further ensuring the firmness of the stone. More exaggerated is the use of hanging pieces like the following, which are usually suitable for lightweight bricks such as foam bricks. Designers should understand this usage and do not recommend it.

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