How To Make Stone Crafts?

The beauty of stone can be magnificent, gorgeous, and noble, making countless buildings that have been handed down for thousands of years; It can also be made of small jasper, soft and graceful, into beautiful things that you can’t put down. When the waste leftover materials are made into stone crafts (the “stone crafts” mentioned in this paper generally refer to small objects made of stone leftover materials).

Stone has more Aura, so stone people with special feelings join the ranks of stone crafts aesthetics one after another.

Even so, stone crafts are still in a semi-development state, and most participants are included in the dreamers of “just wait for the quiet stone light”. It can be said that all enterprises with some leftover materials want to take a share in the emerging industry of stone crafts, but why are stone crafts still struggling in the mire and missing spring? In this article, we will analyze the reasons

Making stone crafts is a cross-border behavior

When stone people decide to make handicrafts, they are the same as an advertiser who has thought for a long time to “open a coffee shop”. Most stone people show a mentality of “playing with objects” and “playing with feelings” when facing handicrafts. Without doing market analysis, I just took it for granted with my original experience in making stones and began to move forward boldly.

From the traditional stone trade to entering the ranks of stone crafts, it is a cross-border practice, with differences between raw materials and products:

One is to provide only raw materials and improve the basis of processing technology. The other is to need the industrial design to create, and the processing quality is lack of standards;

One is that clear materials can be widely used in high-end decoration, wall decoration, floor, and other spaces. The other is that consumers do not know whether they are willing to pay for the products they make;

One is based on traditional tooling channels, the other is diversified channels, with comprehensive integration and development of industry circles, professional markets, terminal retail, e-commerce, and other channels.

Although there are some mature businesses in the development of the stone crafts industry, compared with the huge volume of the stone industry, there are common blind spots in the cognition and operation of stone crafts:

01. Lack of aesthetic ability

The times need not only the vision of discovering beauty, but also the ability of aesthetics. In the era of consumption upgrading, the level of aesthetics will indirectly affect the difference in people’s ability in some fields. When stone crafts are created by stone people according to their own aesthetics, and then displayed in the ancient display mode, a product that makes young people not interested also begins to flow into the market.

If you want to embrace an emerging industry, you must contact its audience. Stone crafts are undoubtedly sold to young people. Young people are particularly picky about their aesthetics. We can use our experience, but we should respect their eyes. To improve the aesthetic ability, we should make good use of the creativity of young people and skillfully borrow the hand of industrial designers to add weight to the spiritual stone. Make products with design aesthetics, not your own experience.

02. Cognition of less use

” When I first got the marble cup, I didn’t dare to add water to it. It’s not a doubt about the processing technology, but a normal psychological reaction of an ordinary consumer.” The ashtray made of white stone in the office was not very beautiful when it was first obtained, but it also added color to the tea table. But half a month later, I began to regret sending out those stone ashtrays, because these white stone ashtrays began to turn yellow after contacting the water, so the aesthetic feeling is getting farther and farther. “

Know who to sell stone crafts, but also understand its correct purpose. The high raw materials and processing costs of stone and the characteristics of some materials are destined to be used with caution and “contact practical function”. Compared with these, we should give play to its natural nobility. You can use the natural grain of stone to make decorative products such as tables, vases, and pen holders, so as to increase the spirituality of the space as a soft outfit, but don’t try experiments that violate the basic functions before popularization. If you let me make a choice on the cup, I’d rather define it as “a cup that can’t drink water”, avoid explaining concerns, advocate decoration, and attract attention.

03. Lack of business insight

When my friend saw the success of happy tea, he focused on “copywriting” and tried to recreate a “happy tea” — then, like the experience of more than 80% of entrepreneurs, his “business territory” died halfway. Coincidentally, facing the category of stone crafts, most people also started their “business” with the attitude of simply doing business model, but few people tasted the fruits of victory. They just see the surface of successful cases and stare at the products they make, but forget the essence of business. They think deeply about their consumption psychology from the perspective of consumers.

Take the stone watch as an example. Before the “nobility” of stone has not been fully popularized, and on the premise that the watch brand is greater than the material, the stone watch is undoubtedly a moth to the fire in my opinion. It is not attributed to the cognition of use but still lack of insight into consumption.

Business logic is important. To solve consumers’ psychological cognition of stone crafts, we must first clarify three questions: who are you going to sell to? Sell him what? Under what circumstances? If you sell it to your peers, you can sell gift customization schemes. When he needs to give gifts to customers, you can customize a set of appropriate schemes for him;

If you sell it to a designer, then sell the soft decoration scheme, cooperate with him when he lacks inspiration in space design, and be his soft decoration supplier and cooperative developer; If you sell to mass consumers, you can sell stylish stone beauty, sell it to him through online shopping channels, offline experience stores, online Red live broadcasting, and other channels, and then launch your customized brand in the time.

Only by clarifying the target audience, analyzing their consumption psychology, making valuable products, establishing appropriate channels and contact points, and finding solutions for selling products, can we find the circulation way of the stone crafts market.

Stone crafts are based on the reuse of waste leftover materials in the industry. It will be a good thing in terms of industrial upgrading, environmental improvement, and incremental market expansion. Therefore, we should establish a clear business, do a good job in product development, analyze the basic needs of the market and do a good job in consumer insight, so that the road of stone crafts can be expected in the future. Well, this article will be written here first. If you have more interesting stone crafts, please send an email to Share it with me.

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