How to make a good marble spiral staircase?

The revolving staircase is one of the most difficult special-shaped stone products to be processed. It is highly praised for its exquisite structure and modeling, and it stops people with complicated construction techniques. The existence of this contradiction will be self-defeating if you are not careful.

In the actual installation process of many rotary stairs, the spiral cannot be connected when it is twisted. The main reason may be that the size of the design drawing is wrong, or the processing size is wrong. Therefore, a high-quality spiral staircase, high-quality materials with a unified style, a scientific and accurate design scheme, excellent processing technology, and a professional construction team are indispensable.

The processing of rotary stairs is so difficult and the installation requirements are so high that many enterprises are powerless. According to statistics, 70% of the stone spiral stairs designed in China now are undertaken by large stone groups. Large stone merchants can be called technical manufacturers in the industry for their ability to process special-shaped products. They have accumulated rich experience in making stairs of choice. They have created amazing and difficult spiral stairs for many large projects, which is the best choice for the production of domestic stone spiral stairs.

In fact, as long as we can find the right solution to the problem according to the actual situation, give consideration to both the decorative art and the construction technology, and make a thorough understanding, the contradiction will be solved. As a classical art form, the spiral staircase is ingeniously connected with the staggered floor structure of the building with ingenious conception and pleasing shape, which increases the flexibility of the hotel and club space.

At the same time, the revolving stairs are complicated in workmanship and shape. If there is a little poor construction, it will be self-defeating and will not become the “bright spot” of interior architectural decoration. Most of the revolving stairs extend from the bottom floor of the lobby to the second-floor platform, making the original two independent areas an integral whole. The atmosphere is slightly graceful, while the grandness highlights the softness, becoming the brightest visual focus in the lobby area.

What are the key points of the process control of the spiral staircase?

Site setting out is the most critical

Like all staircases, the spiral staircase is mainly composed of steps, platforms, and guardrail handrails. However, compared with ordinary staircases, the shape of the spiral staircase is spiral, the steps are radially opened, and the handrails are also smooth curves according to the overall shape. Therefore, setting out becomes the most critical process control point in the early stage of construction.

In the actual setting out, the design size shall prevail, and the whole stair shall be shaped as a whole, including stone skirting, stone steps, revolving stone cover plate, revolving stone edge protection, revolving stone waistline, etched glass fence, marble handrails, and other single items. At the same time, they shall be processed in a specialized factory, which improves efficiency and makes each part accurate and beautiful.

Professional technology determines the success or failure of decoration

There is a huge difference between the old and new precision methods in the design, manufacture, and construction process of the revolving stairs. To achieve precision, elegance, and luxury, we must choose a professional processing, manufacturing, and installation team to make the marble revolving stairs more perfect, form a bright spot in the hall, play the role of finishing touch, and improve the overall value of the decoration. Global Stone Group is famous for its professional technology, and it can be called the leader in the domestic stone industry. In many famous projects, it has successfully made amazing spiral stairs.

Marble spiral stair measurement method

Spiral staircase technology:

Think of the revolving staircase as an object. We need to measure the position of a point in the object and get three data (X-axis, Y-axis, and Z-axis) in three-dimensional space.

If we can quickly transform two-dimensional thinking into three-dimensional thinking, that is to improve the technology and have a deep foundation. Straight ladders and spiral ladders have similarities and common points, that is, they are three-dimensional spatial structures, and there are three-dimensional spatial data.

Difficulties of the winding ladder:

The difficulty of the spiral staircase is that it has a hand guard base. Its spiral arc is a spiral rising arc, which can be said to be a perfect aesthetic arc; If the width of the spiral rising line is given, it is known as the twisted cover plate, and the inner and outer side plates of the twisted facade. Twisted plates have high-tech content when placing an order in CAD. Some friends said that if you can measure and place an order for rotating stairs, it is the highest gold content technology in stone measurement. Since then, you have become a stone master.

 ● Analysis of on-site stairs and solutions:

1. The spiral staircase is made of steel structure by welding, and its size and circle are relatively standard.

2. There are three cement foundation walls around the step, which can be used as the cross reference line.

3. Both sides of the step have been raised higher than the step panel with steel plates. It is difficult to fix the point of the step panel. The vertical line is used to determine the corner point of each step.

4. The height of the spiral staircase is the same as that of the vertical staircase. On the basis of the infrastructure steel structure or cement, the height of each step is equally divided, that is, the average of the total height from the first floor to the second floor is the height data of each step.

● Positioning reference line:

1. Use infrared ray to measure whether the three walls form a 90 ° angle, whether the X axis is parallel to the B wall, and whether the Y axis is perpendicular to and parallel to the AB walls.

2. The cross coordinate datum line set out on site needs to be snapped on the wall or on the ground, and the future installation needs to be positioned according to the datum line when measuring, And communicate with the site project manager that the baseline cannot be covered with paint or putty powder.

● Field measurement manuscript:

It can be seen from the measurement manuscript that the letters A.B.C……. are used to represent each stepping point of the outer arc in turn. No letters are written in the inner arc. When the data is marked directly on the left, A ′. B ′. C ′…… Is used to record.

The cross coordinate is positioned on the left side of the step. The X-axis and Y-axis form a 90 ° rectangular coordinate. The plane values of each store are measured from the coordinates and recorded on the left.

● Two other general recording methods for the draft:

In fact, no matter which method is used to record drawings and manuscripts, it is to express them on the paper surface quickly and accurately. Everyone has his own habit of recording.

▼ Right angle recording method:

For the right angle recording method, draw two arrows next to the location of the positioning point, and write the data from the point to the Y axis and the data from the X axis in the direction of the X axis. (See the figure below)

▼ Direct dimensioning method:

The direct dimensioning method records dimensions directly from point to coordinate, which is messy and not neat enough.

In fact, it is very simple to measure the revolving stairs, and the difficulty lies in deepening the order. The order drawing needs to be understood by the processing master so that the drawing can be converted into a product.

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