How to maintain rough stones?

Rough granite is often used in squares, exterior walls, and other places. With the development of the times and the change in people’s aesthetic standards, the application of rough stone is more extensive. However, the shortcomings of rough granite are also obvious: it is easy to hide dirt and accept dirt, and it is difficult to clean and maintain daily.

However, there is also a perfect maintenance technology for rough granite, so we will share it in this issue. There are many kinds of granite rough surfaces, but here we take the most common and representative burnt granite as an example. The treatment methods for other types of rough stones are roughly the same.

1、 Concept of Burning Noodles

The rough surface is formed by exposing the granite surface to a short high-temperature flame and making use of the different thermal expansion and cold contraction rates of the crystals inside the granite to collapse into pits of different depths.

2、 Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages and disadvantages of burnt granite are very obvious in practical application due to its many uses and large consumption.


Decorative features

The burning surface is natural and rough. Compared with the smooth surface, it is closer to the natural color and pattern of stone and has a good decorative effect.


The surface of the burning surface is rough, and it is used in many places such as squares and streets, with excellent anti-skid ability. This is particularly important for the elderly and children.

③ Durable

Granite has high hardness, high abrasion resistance, high compression and bending strength, and stable chemical properties. It is solid and durable in the outdoor environment of sunshine, rain, snow, and freezing.


① To hide the evil and accept evil

The surface burning surface is pitted and very rough, which is easy to hide dirt. Dust, soil, chewing gum, and other substances are easy to stay in the pits on the surface.

② Easily detained water

Pits on the burning surface are equivalent to large and small funnels, in which water is easily trapped. General protective agents have a good water-repellent effect on the smooth stone, but on rough granite, they can not change the situation that water is easily detained. Therefore, burning granite is easy to cause various pollution and pathological changes under the action of water, and the situation is generally serious.

③ Difficult to clean

The hardest thing about burning noodles is cleaning them. If it is smooth stone, at least the surface contamination is easy to clean. However, the characteristics of the burning surface make it extremely difficult to remove the pollutants hidden in the surface pits. In order to remove surface pollution, many people use strong acids and alkalis, even hydrofluoric acid, a super acid. However, this cleaning effect is not only temporary but also can cause serious damage to the stone.

④ Easily damaged

As mentioned earlier, granite has excellent performance. But such excellence is not omnipotent after all. Granite is still easy to be damaged in outdoor use. The reasons are as follows:

*During the manufacturing process of the burning surface, high-temperature fire baking was used, which destroyed the stone crystal structure and reduced the stone’s structural strength.

*The outdoor rain and snow make the stone absorb water. During the cycle of freezing and thawing, the structural strength of the stone is decreasing.

*The outdoor stone is harsh and difficult to control. The stone will be damaged if people trample on it and heavy objects roll on it.

3、 Skills of using rough granite

The advantages and disadvantages of the burning surface are obvious, but we can make good use of our strengths and circumvent our weaknesses through good treatment and maintenance.

① For outdoor use, increase the thickness

The thickness of outdoor granite should be increased according to the requirements of different environments. For example, 2~2.5cm thick plates can be used for indoor non-load-bearing areas, but 3~5cm thick plates should be used for outdoor non-load-bearing areas, and 5~10cm thick plates should be used for outdoor heavy load-bearing areas.

② Skills of gap treatment

The gap of granite laid in important places shall be sealed. During treatment, silicone sealant shall be used to seal the gap of the stone. Silicone sealant has the advantage of the elasticity, which can prevent granite from cracking and damage due to thermal expansion and cold contraction. Do not use marble glue. It has high hardness and no elasticity after condensation.

Protective treatment is the key

As mentioned earlier, on the rough stone, the general protective agent can be waterproof, but not antifouling. Contaminants will stay in the pits on the stone surface. Then, how should the rough stone be protected?

The answer is to use a sealing film-forming protective agent. Such as VD stone touch-up protective agent. The reasons are as follows:

① Composition

VD stone touch-up protective agent, mainly composed of acrylic resin.

② Principle of action

Acrylic resin can penetrate stone surfaces and surfaces with the help of solvent. After condensation and drying, fill the pits on the surface of the rough stone to reduce its roughness. It is equivalent to forming a sealing protective layer on the surface of rough stone.

③ Effect

*The protective effect is excellent, and the water absorption of rough granite can be reduced by more than 99%.

*Fill the surface pits to reduce the retention of pollutants.

*With the penetration and infiltration of acrylic resin, the background color and pattern of the stone can be more clearly transmitted, and the color of the stone is more bright. Therefore, it is called a “touch-up” protective agent.

Sealing protection is the best choice to improve the decorative quality and service life of rough stones and reduce the difficulty of cleaning and maintenance. Stone care is a highly practical technology. Only with rich experience can we solve the stone problem in an all-around way. I hope this sharing can help you.

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