How To Maintain A Blackgold Stone Tea Tray?

Blackgold stone also has spirit. If it is not raised, it is difficult to have spirit. That is to say, stones also have a spirit like people, and good things need to be maintained. As the Wujinshi tea tray is a natural stone taken from nature, due to factors such as long-term soaking of tea or drying of the environment, tea scale will remain on the tea tray and white fog will occur. Therefore, regular and correct maintenance is very important, so as to keep the functionality of the tea tray in the best state.

Blackgold stone, also known as black goldstone, Chinese ink black and black jade, is called a volcanic rock In Taiwan of  China and is known as “night rose” when exported abroad. The color of the original stone is elegant gray, calm and dignified, elegant and ancient. It is called Wujinshi because it will show a dark color after polishing.

Because of its long evolution and relatively small output, it has always been a treasure of rare stone collectors. Doctors have used it as a medicinal stone since ancient times. It is hard on the outside and gentle and delicate inside. It is very suitable for long-term maintenance as a tea tray. In this article, we will share our knowledge about the maintenance of the Blackgold stone tea tray.

How to maintain

Due to the strong adsorption capacity of the original stone breathing hole, the tea soup will be absorbed by the stone if it stays on the disk for a while. Therefore, tea friends will experience a stage of tea stain spot in the early stage of using Wujinshi tea tray. So how to maintain a Blackgold stone tea tray?

The potting area of many tea plates adopts polishing treatment, and the hidden drainage channel is set inside the device, which well solves the problem of the uneven color of tea plates caused by more tea soup and long soaking in the pot area. At the same time, its smooth texture also plays a certain role in maintaining the teapot.

For the original stone part, what should I do if there are formed tea stains? Then it is necessary to carry out conscious maintenance. The method is not difficult.

Maintenance method: the maintenance of strange stones pays attention to water, hand, body, wax, and oil! The maintenance of the Blackgold stone tea tray is relatively simple, water and tea can be raised!

First of all, in the process of making tea, the tea soup will be unevenly distributed on the tea plate. It is best to wipe it evenly with a tea towel and keep the plate while soaking. After making tea, it is necessary to wipe and clean it completely immediately. If there is uneven tea dirt, just brush it with edible alkali (decontamination powder) or toothpaste and flush it with soft hair to maintain the cleanness of the surface of the tea plate.

Secondly, if the tea tray is placed in a dry environment for a long time, the natural whitening phenomenon will appear because the water in the pores of the stone is evaporated, but the whitening phenomenon of the tea tray can be solved only by moistening and maintaining with tea oil.

In order to avoid serious local tea stains, tea towels or coasters can be used at the bottom of the teapot when making tea, which also plays a certain role in raising the teapot.

Maintenance principle: let every inch of the texture of the tea plate evenly absorb tea oil and tea soup, and the whole tea plate will become more and more uniform, forming a uniform, natural and friendly coating.

After the wrapping is formed, the tea plate will become warm and clear, revealing the real charm of lapis lazuli, and a tea plate integrating man and machine will be formed. However, if it is not used properly for a long time, there will be pollution and serious local tea stains, and it is difficult to protect an art treasure.

Warm tip: stones are afraid of meeting strong acid-base liquids, so do not use non-neutral cleaners indiscriminately when cleaning stones. Do not ignore the components of cleaners for the rapid cleaning effect. If cleaners with unknown components are used for a long time, the surface luster of stones will be exhausted

The unique characteristics of the Blackgold stone endow the Blackgold stone tea tray with spirituality. While tasting tea, you can enjoy the wonderful beauty of Blackgold stone. The charm of tea is born in nature, transformed into nature, self-cultivation, and full display of everyone’s style. Well, this article will be written here first. For more knowledge about the Blackgold stone tea tray, you are welcome to send me an email to communicate with

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