How to lay the stone for the villa courtyard flooring?

Question 1: How should the stone slab be laid to make it easy to use?

When laying the ground, the stone slab can be placed directly on the grass, but some crushed stones should be placed below to prevent sinking. Or use stones as stepping stones for the trail, or use square boards or stones to form the trail.

Question 2: How to choose the paving stone slab?

There are many materials used for paving stone slabs, such as gray, red, and yellow granite, presenting natural flat stone slabs, gray blue bluestone, basalt, and rare iron flat stone, black hole stone, etc. The shapes of stone slabs are also diverse, and the surface is mostly treated, which can be divided into finer lychee surfaces or rough and uneven pineapple surfaces, both of which have anti slip functions.

Question 3: Where can I buy stone for yard floor paving?

Stone needs to be purchased from a professional stone company, which can be more diversified. The weight of stone is not light, so a small amount can be transported home by oneself, while a large amount can be transported home by the store.

Question 4: The paved path will sink into the soil, how can we improve it?

The slate is very heavy. If the soil below is not strong enough, it will sink after a long period of time. After the slate sinks, only they pry open the slab and lay it again. The soil can be compacted. After determining the location of the slate, first dig a hole in that location, fill it with gravel, and then place a stone slab to prevent it from sinking.

Question 5: How to choose small stones to be paved on the ground?

There are many types of small stones, and you can choose stones based on their location, color, and range.

The most common ones are particularly white stones and pebbles, which are prone to yellowing;

The black ones include black gallstones, black pebbles, black gallstones, Yilan stones, and sesame round stones.

Light yellow ones include jade fragments, mint stones, mountain gemstones, etc.

Pink ones include Mante stone, rose crushed stone, Maya stone, etc.

There are various colors such as submarine stones, neon stones, tricolor stones, and colorful spotted stones.

In addition, there are beach style mibei stones, coral stones, etc.

Question 6: Are there any specific dimensions for placing stones on landscape floors?

The stones used in the landscape range in size from millimeters to centimeters to decimeters and meters. The path is suitable for pebbles. Large stones can be interspersed with stones of all sizes, presenting different textures.

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