How to judge the quality of marble pendants?

In the contemporary architectural decoration industry, marble is one of the most important materials used, but at the same time, due to its relatively high price, a marble pendant is a stainless steel connecting material that fixes marble to the wall, which is an accessory that connects marble to the metal keel. Although it is a non-exposed accessory between the wall and the stone slab, it is a crucial component in curtain wall accessory materials and plays a very important role in beautifying architectural decoration.

So it is not possible to use it on the entire wall, but if you want to achieve the desired effect for customers, it needs to be used outside the wall. Therefore, under such usage requirements, it needs to be fixed to the wall. It is precisely because of this requirement that the importance of marble dry pendants is realized. Let’s analyze the importance of marble pendant quality together in this article

The general forms of fixing marble pendants include:

Short slot anchoring method; Back hook anchoring method; Through slot block anchoring method; Steel pin anchoring method; Double section (seismic type) rear cut back bolt anchoring method, etc.

In the past, the traditional fixing methods for marble pendants included pin-type and slot-type dry-hanging structures. The disadvantage of these two methods was that the pendants had to bear a relatively large force, and in general, they were more prone to damage at the groove of the board. Therefore, during the operation, the thickness should not be less than 25mm, and the range of force they could bear should not exceed 1.5 square meters, otherwise damage would be caused due to excessive pressure.

In general, this type of marble pendant is made of stainless steel material. However, different manufacturers have different production standards when making it, and some small manufacturers are prone to many quality problems. It is also possible to reduce costs when purchasing the pendant, but in the end, due to its improper quality, The occurrence of marble or casualties is not worth the loss, so when purchasing this type of pendant, it is not just about looking at its price, but rather about prioritizing its quality.

Although it is not the main display part, it has played a very important role. Without it, marble cannot be fixed on the wall, and its luxury cannot be shown in the most important part, which is also the reason why there is a great demand for its materials. When marble is used, it has a certain weight of its own. If the quality of this pendant cannot reach a certain level, it cannot withstand a certain weight. This not only fails to achieve normal performance but also poses certain risks.

Due to the weight of marble dry pendants, the first requirement is to achieve a certain load-bearing force in terms of quality. However, if the requirements are only met in this regard because they are always in the most prominent part of the luxurious material like marble, it is necessary to achieve a certain degree of luxury. Only in this way can it truly achieve its quality.

How to judge the quality of marble pendants?

Marble pendants are used to hang stones high on walls to beautify architectural decoration. Nowadays, most office buildings in buildings use this technology. The main types of stainless steel pendants on the market are 300 series and 200 series. The difference between the two lies in the amount of chemical element nickel content. Below, we will explain in detail that stainless steel pendants are metal connectors used for marble and stone pendants.

Stainless steel pendants are metal connectors used for marble and stone pendants, with the following types:

Corner code, single hook code (single swallow code), double hook code (double swallow code, butterfly code, swallow tail code), support code (support hook, pick code, warp code, pick piece), flat plate (flat code), T-shaped welding code.

The price of the 200 series stainless steel with a very low nickel content is only about half of that of the 300 series stainless steel, and its anti-corrosion and toughness performance is far inferior to that of the 300 series stainless steel. It is only suitable for fields such as kitchen utensils and food processing, and if used in construction, medical equipment, and other fields, there will be great hidden dangers.

The 200 series products with a nickel content of about 1% cannot withstand general atmospheric corrosion. Commonly used in construction, installation is more advanced than the first two. The transmission of force is simple, reducing stone damage, but the phenomenon of “annealing” occurs due to high-temperature heating during welding.

The dry hanging system of the curtain wall composed of the back cut anchor bolt and rear support system can not solve the problem of Thermal expansion deformation caused by temperature difference due to the mechanical anchor structure and flexible combination.

So how to judge the quality of marble pendants?

1. Look at the material.

Stainless steel products often have a tight structure, which can be weighed by hand. In addition to being heavier than similar products, they also have a solid feel and are sturdy and durable;

2. Look at the coating.

The standard electroplating layer not only makes the surface of the product fine and uniform but also avoids oxidation and rusting in humid environments. If there are no bubbles on the surface and the coating is uniform, you can choose.

3. Look at the craftsmanship.

Products processed through strict process standards often undergo complex mechanical processing, polishing, welding, inspection, and other processes. The product not only has a beautiful appearance and good performance, but also has a good hand feel, uniform, smooth, and flawless.

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