How To Divide The Marble Sill?

With the rise of home decoration, a large number of windowsill products have entered the family decoration, which is deeply loved by the public. It is also a matter of face if you have money to make a few windowsill plates, which increases the charm of family environment decoration and improves the grade of family decoration.

The processing size of some window sill products is very long. One plate cannot be processed, and it needs to be processed in several sections. As for how to segment and where to put the dividing line to make the decoration effect better, there are exquisite. The branch line is not good, and there is no dispute with the owner. The owner is dissatisfied and can’t get money, resulting in unnecessary losses. Therefore, the dividing line is very important in the processing of the window sill plate, so we must pay attention to it. In this article, let’s share the problem of the marble windowsill stone dividing line.

Common methods for partition of window sill plate:

(1) Symmetrical line

This is the most common method of the window sill plate. When the length of the window sill plate is very long, one piece cannot be processed, and the sill plate shall be divided equally. The common bisection of window sill plates is bisection and trisection. The equal division is exquisite, and the division is too short, which will affect the decorative effect; The distribution is too long, the construction is inconvenient, and it also brings a lot of trouble to the factory processing. In principle, the length of the dividing line shall not be less than 1500mm, but the length between 1500mm and 2000mm has a great impact on the yield of the large plate. Special attention shall be paid to the correct selection of section size.

(2) Asymmetric branching

The traditional bisection design thinking is broken in the sill plate. When the sill plate is very long, the bisection design method is not adopted, and the bisection line is adopted. The decorative effect of the unequal dividing line of the window sill plate is better than that of the equal dividing line, because the unequal dividing line places the splicing seam on one side, which is difficult for the viewer to see, and it will be mistaken for the whole window sill plate. Especially when the curtain is pulled to both sides, the curtain may cover the parting line.

(3) Trisection

The advantage of the trisection line is that the length of the window sill plate is shortened, which is convenient for production, processing, handling, and construction, and is also conducive to the improvement of the yield. The decoration effect is slightly worse.

(4) Middle length left and right bisectors

The length of the window sill plate in the middle shall be as long as possible and the length at both ends shall be as short as possible. The branch lines at both ends can be covered by curtains to ensure a better decorative effect.

(5) 45 ° diagonal branch

The 45 ° diagonal dividing line is divided by cutting 45 ° angle, which is applicable to the dividing line of the window sill plate at the corner.

(6) Non 45 ° diagonal line

Non 45 ° diagonal dividing line is divided by non 45 ° corner-cutting.

(7) Right angle branch

The window sill plate with a right angle corner is installed by 90 right angles direct collision. This right-angle line splitting method has three forms. They are flush parting; Dislocation branch line, that is, one end of the window sill plate extends 100mm at 90 right angles, and then spliced with another window sill plate.

(8) Diagonal line

Oblique angle dividing line is applicable to the special-shaped window sill plate, which varies in form according to different angle cutting methods

There are many parting methods for window sill plates, and only several common methods are introduced above. The parting of the window sill plate shall be based on the principle of fewer parting seams, beautiful decoration, easy installation, and high yield. Well, we will write this article here first. If you have more good parting methods of marble windowsill stone, you are welcome to send an email to Share it with me.

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