How to distinguish snow white marble from fish belly white marble?

White marble has always been the most popular stone in the marble market. In recent years, the public’s aesthetic has become younger and younger. The white marble just meets the aesthetic requirements of young people, which is very simple, white, elegant, and fashionable. The white marble is warm and smooth, and its natural texture is exciting. It is hard to say that it will not become popular marble. There are many varieties of white marble, such as Jazz White, Fish Maw White, Snow White, and so on.

Snowflake white

It is a kind of marble, produced in Italy. The snow-white marble slab is white in color, snow-white in the whole body, pure in texture, and characterized by crystals, snowflakes,s and transparency. Snow white marble is a kind of calcareous stone with a soft quality. Its surface is easy to scratch. It is generally used in places where it is not easy to scratch. The maintenance method is mainly based on care. The white surface of snowflakes has dark black patterns, which are not obvious. The pattern black with green is called “fish-belly white” or “karaka” in the stone industry. This stone is expensive due to its material and output and is suitable for decoration in high-end places. The snowflake white needs to be waterproofed, and the surface easily turns yellow. Six sides must be waterproof during installation.

Whitefish maw

Fish-belly white refers to a color similar to a fish belly. It has good color and luster. It feels moist and elegant after being paved. It is also a white luxury marble that we often use in interior design.

The bottom color of fish belly white marble is white, and the lines of gray lines are distributed on the surface, and lines are distributed randomly, with fine texture and high gloss. Fish-belly white is a kind of white marble mined in Italy. This stone is deeply loved by designers and owners in terms of material, pattern, finish, etc. It is widely used as a decoration material for high-end hotels, villas, and leisure places. After paving, it feels moistened by jade and elegant, as if you are in the palace of the holy god.

You White and Xuehua White are two famous twin brothers. They come from the same mining area in Italy. At first glance, they seem indistinguishable. Experienced stone people can always identify them accurately by their background color and texture. Today we will come together to distinguish the twin brothers.

Snow white is originally produced in the Karala mining area in north-central Italy. Due to the limitation of production and origin, there is only marble quarried here in the world, which can be called Snow white. Fish-belly white is produced in some parts of the Xuehuabai Mine.

According to the texture of the background color and the grain color, let’s look at the contrast of their boards. It’s a more intuitive feeling. I believe many friends have seen the difference. There are many white snowflakes. The black spots (snowflakes) are obvious. The whiter the background is, the more expensive it is. The patterns are also divided into big flowers, medium flowers, and small flowers. Snow white is cold white.

The white ground color of the fish belly is milky yellow, with a little yellow grain and little snowflakes. The white ground color of the fish belly belongs to the warm color system. Is this comparison clear?

The typical fish belly white has a transparent white background, the texture is turquoise, the texture is concentrated, and the style is warm. The typical snowflake white is ice white, the texture is grayish blue, and the texture is more loose and casual compared with the fish belly white, and tends to be cold

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