How to distinguish between natural stone and artificial stone? (2)

How to distinguish between natural stone and artificial stone?

(1) Visually

Natural stone is a natural material, consisting of transparent or semi transparent particles, which are very beautiful. So the feeling that natural stone gives people is that it has higher brightness. Artificial stone actually corresponds specifically to the use of ordinary natural stone powder or some opaque acrylic materials as the main components. It also needs to be added with glue and finally made by pressing. Its surface brightness is not as beautiful as quartz, and it can be said to be almost dull and lifeless.

(2) : In terms of texture

The simplest way to distinguish between quartz and artificial stones is to touch them with your hands and then distinguish between these two different types of stones based on their tactile sensation. Natural stone gives people a cold feeling when we touch it with our hands. This feeling is like touching a natural stone. Artificial stones are different. Due to the use of plastic materials in artificial stones, there is no cold feeling when we touch them, and the most obvious feeling is warmth and delicacy.

(3) In terms of price

The so-called price differentiation refers to comparing the prices of several manufacturers when purchasing stone. Then, based on different prices, it is basically possible to determine which type of stone this stone belongs to. The price of natural stone is higher, such as the current market price of quartz stone, which is roughly between 400 yuan per square meter and 1000 yuan per square meter. The price difference is due to the brand, specifications, size, quality, and other requirements of the board. The price of artificial stone is approximately between 260 yuan per square meter and 900 yuan per square meter. So, the overall price of artificial stone is one level lower than that of quartz stone.

(4) : In terms of thickness

For artificial stone and natural stone, their specifications and dimensions are basically the same, but there is actually a significant difference in thickness. Especially for some common quartz and artificial stones in the market now, their thickness differences are very large. For example, the thickness of our most common quartz kitchen countertop is generally over 15 millimeters, and some can reach 18 millimeters. Even high-end ones can reach up to 20 millimeters. For example, the thickness of the most common artificial stone in the current market is generally around 11-12 millimeters. Artificial stone is generally one grade lower than quartz stone.

Suggestion for selection: ① For artificial stones and quartz stones, they are actually suitable for use on kitchen countertops, and they both have high hardness, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and other characteristics. So when we make a purchase, we should pay special attention When choosing quartz or artificial stones, our personal opinion is to compare and feel more, and finally choose the one with a moderate price.

(5) In terms of flexibility

Natural stone is natural and relatively hard, so it still cannot compare to artificial stone in terms of flexibility. Moreover, quartz stone joints usually have gaps, while artificial stone can be curved due to its soft flexibility, and joints are generally not visible.

China ranks first in the world in terms of stone resource reserves and consumption. Nowadays, the exploitation of natural stone is very rampant, natural resources have become scarce, and stone processing produces a large amount of dust. Due to national environmental protection measures, a large number of stone manufacturers have shut down. Compared with natural stone, the characteristics of artificial stone make it the most important decorative material type in landscape decoration today. There are many types and different uses of artificial stone, and their usage methods vary greatly depending on their properties. No matter which material it is, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. When choosing, we should choose the most suitable material according to our own needs and the price. Artificial stone can appear in society and occupy a place in the stone market. There must be a reason for its existence for so long, but it is obviously impossible to replace natural stone

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