How to deal with the scratches on the marble floor?

Now many people in home decoration will choose marble and other stones as the ground materials when they decorate, although these marbles are beautiful and fashionable. If hard objects fall on the marble, they will leave scratches on the surface of the marble, affecting the beauty and overall effect of the ground. How to deal with the scratches on the ground marble?

The floor surface is slightly scratched

You can apply a proper amount of toothpaste on the scratches of the marble panel, and then repeatedly brush the scratches with a toothbrush. At this time, it will be found that the traces of these scratches are gradually fading until they are invisible. This treatment method is more suitable for light-colored marble.

Scratch classification

One is the scratch on the marble surface. The marble surface structure is not damaged, and the floor surface has no trace after cleaning.

Another kind of marble scratch, such as using iron nails or sharp iron tools to scratch the brick surface, forms a scratch that damages the brick surface. After the scratch of this kind of floor tile is removed, it should be repaired, otherwise, it will be dirty soon and form a black scratch again.

Therefore, for the above two kinds of scratches, the floor tile repair agent can be used to repair the floor scratches. Use a brush to touch the repair agent to trace the gap of the scratches, apply it again 30 minutes later, and repeat it after drying. There is a reflection from the side to the scratch, which can keep the scratch clean for a long time; In addition, the scratches on the brick surface that are deeply scratched can also be polished with a water mill, but be careful, or there will be pits or greater damage to the board surface, such as dull, wider scratches.

Scratches caused by metal pushing and pulling

It is difficult to remove the scratches on the marble panel. In order to eliminate the metal scratches on the panel more efficiently and quickly. Generally, soak for 3 minutes with detergent before scrubbing. The marble panel cleaner will become loose after it reacts with metal scratches and decomposes. Wipe hard with a wet towel dipped in the detergent, and the clean marble panel will show immediately without any influence on the marble surface and the luster will not change.

Treatment method for deep scratch

First, polish the shallow part with a suitable grinding disc until the scratch is removed. If the scratches on the ground are very deep, they need to be ground slowly from coarse to fine, and local deep scratches can also be removed directly by grinding.

If it is a fine scratch, it is directly polished with marble polishing powder. Some granite or marble can be polished with granite polishing powder. Filling and polishing with polishing powder can not only significantly reduce scratches but also increase the overall brightness, so as to achieve a good repair effect.

1. Clean the working surface.

2. Add some water.

3. Sprinkle polishing powder and mix well.

4. Polish with a wool polishing wheel from low speed to high speed until the surface is warm.

If you want to completely solve the problem, you can replace the defective bricks or re-polish them.

In addition, attention should be paid to the following points in marble maintenance:

1. Try to avoid frequent direct friction between metal objects and hard objects such as sand.

2. Do not contact strong acids for a long time.

3. Clean the contaminated surface with clean water, neutral detergent, and organic solvent frequently.

4. When paving the floor, after using it for a period of time, the individual pore defects that may remain on the marble panel will become dirty and black. In this case, you can use a toothbrush or other tools to clean it with a neutral cleaner such as toothpaste, and then fill it with tree wax or hard wax.

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