How to cut high-precision sheets?

Plate cutting is the most common and basic technological activity in the processing of stone products. Although it seems that the cutting process is not complicated in the processing of stone products, the high-precision cutting of slab bridges also requires considerable skills, because the cutting of slabs involves many factors, and only when all factors are well done can the requirements of high-precision specification slabs be met. This article focuses on this knowledge.

It is mainly explained from the following eight aspects:

1. Precision adjustment

“Precision adjustment” means that the accuracy of the bridge cutting machine should be well adjusted, which is the equipment guarantee of the plate cutting accuracy. If the equipment accuracy of the bridge cutting machine is not well adjusted, how it ensures the accuracy of cutting the specification plate?

Generally, the diagonal deviation of the accuracy of the bridge cutting machine debugging is controlled within ± 0.5mm, which can meet the requirements of the stone decoration project for product accuracy.

2. Select saw blade

“Selecting saw blade” mainly means that the technician of the bridge cutting machine knows how to select the saw blade correctly. Saw blades include marble saw blades, granite saw blades, quartz saw blades, rock plate saw blades, etc. The marble saw blade shall be subdivided according to different marble materials. It also requires a certain amount of effort to select a suitable saw blade according to the characteristics of the stone to be cut from many types of saw blades.

3. Frequently grind the saw blade

The new saw blade shall be cut, and the old saw blade shall be sharpened. Only the saw blade is sharp, the cutting is fast and the precision is good. However, the bridge cutters in stone processing enterprises do not understand this truth, or they understand this truth because they are lazy and do not sharpen their knives. For stones such as granite, quartz stone, and rock plate, it is more necessary to grind the saw blade to improve the sharpness of the saw blade. Some bridge cutters have worked as bridge cutters all their lives, but they don’t know why the saw blade should be cut.

4. Control the cutting speed

“Control” refers to controlling the cutting speed. Many stone processing enterprises implement the piecework system, so the plate cutter of the bridge cutting machine drives the bridge cutting machine like a take-off, and the speed is very fast. In this case, will the accuracy of the cut plate be good? In order to ensure the high accuracy of cutting, the appropriate cutting speed must be selected according to the physical and chemical characteristics of the stone, so as to ensure the accuracy of cutting.

5. The data should be accurate

“Accurate” means that the data input to the bridge cutter must be accurate. Some careless plate cutters of bridge-cutting machines often input data or do not add blade compensation, resulting in short-cut boards and scrapped products. To ensure the high accuracy of the plate cutting, the data must be accurately input into the bridge cutting machine. Entering data is a tedious thing, and it will be wrong if you are not careful. Now the bridge cutting machine for stone materials has been improved. With the bridge-cutting machine that does not need to input data, as long as the production processing sheet is imported to the bridge-cutting machine, the plate can be cut according to the size of the production processing sheet, which greatly improves the accuracy of the plate cutting, reduces the chance of cutting wrong plates and small plates.

6. Responsible

“Responsibility” means that the bridge cutter should have a high sense of responsibility. It is impossible for bridge-cutting machinists without a high sense of responsibility to cut high-precision specification plates. This is the basic quality and requirement of the bridge-cutting machine. The sense of responsibility of the plate cutter of the bridge cutting machine is related to the profits of the stone processing enterprise. One cut is profit and benefit for the enterprise.

7. Multiple detections

“Multi inspection” refers to the frequent inspection and multi-inspection of the bridge cutting machine when cutting the plate, and the timely discovery of nonconforming products with abnormal size. However, many bridge-cutting machines and plate-cutting workers in stone processing enterprises do not have this good working habit. Unqualified products cut out are found only when the plate arrangement is accepted. At this time, the edging is completed, which not only wastes the stone, but also wastes the processing time, affects the normal production order, and even seriously affects the delivery date.

8. Problem-solving

“Solve the problem” means that when there is abnormal plate cutting and problems of size and perpendicularity occur in batches, the plate cutter of the bridge cutting machine can find out the cause of the problem and formulate corrective and preventive measures to prevent the recurrence of the problem and ensure the accuracy of the plate cutting.

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