How to create an overall stone laundry pool?

In the past, laundry basins were all made of bricks and then tiled. Although they had good looks, they were not durable, which is why people are now willing to use stone as the preferred material for laundry basins. The natural granite stone is sturdy and durable, and the integrated stone washing pool made of whole stones can even be passed down for several generations. The laundry pool is made of a whole piece of natural stone hollowed out and polished, which is waterproof and not easily damaged. The color and texture of the natural stone remain in the natural original stone style, showcasing the essence and artistry of the natural stone texture.

What are the advantages of granite laundry basins?

1. Elegant overall design

Adopting exquisite and delicate granite color patterns that maintain the natural original stone style, showcasing the essence and artistry of natural stone texture, it is an exquisite and pleasing artwork!

2. Multi slot design

Multiple sink designs, exquisite craftsmanship, handmade, both for viewing and practical use, coexist with environmental protection and nature, exuding an elegant artistic atmosphere everywhere!

3. Anti slip friction strip

Exquisite laundry sink, placed on the balcony or restroom at home, convenient and practical, with smooth friction strips, easy to wash out dirty water without damaging clothes.

4. Sturdy base

Adopting a sturdy base, it is crafted in one go, made of a whole piece of natural stone that is hollowed out and polished, water tight, and has a longer service life

5. More convenient replacement

If you want to replace it with a new one after using it for a long time, it is very convenient. Just order a new one directly, but if it is made of bricks, it will be very troublesome to remove it

6. Choose multiple colors for personalized customization

There are many colors to choose from for stone, and styles can also be customized, which is very in line with the user’s temperament

Common problems of granite washing basin:

1. If the granite washing pool leaks, how should it be repaired?

The use of cement and glue can repair leaks. Glue is a type of ordinary glue that is easy to buy.

2. How to repair damaged granite washing basin?

You can use marble marble adhesive with a curing agent to stick the damaged area together, and then polish and polish it. Of course, this requires a polishing machine, and just buy another grinding and polishing plate.

3. What is the size of granite washing basin?

Nowadays, stone washing sinks are generally custom-made, which are made according to the size of the customer’s balcony. The typical size made in the store is 1200 * 600.

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