How is the natural stone courtyard landscape wall designed? (1)

Landscape walls are common in ancient Chinese garden architecture, with various forms of materials such as stone, metal, wood, bricks, etc. They have the functions of aesthetics, partition, and transparency. Landscape walls mainly include walls, partitions, and landscape walls, which are also gradually developing and changing. The initial main function of landscape walls was to protect them.

Courtyard walls are an essential part of decorating courtyards. Many people like to decorate their own courtyards with artificial mountains, flowing water, green plants, etc. This scenery can create a warm and natural atmosphere. If the design of courtyard walls is included in these scenery designs, it will make the entire courtyard more charming. For example, in ancient Chinese courtyard designs, many courtyards were designed with cultural walls, This type of wall can enhance the cultural literacy of the courtyard owner, with a very decorative effect.

In fact, the design of courtyards is mainly to highlight the artistic conception of natural beauty. Generally, we Chinese people advocate for nature, and this design can make the courtyard more artistic. Some friends who like a fashionable and minimalist style can design their landscape walls in a minimalist style, which leaves enough space for imagination. Some people place water source installations on the landscape walls, which can decorate the courtyard and promote financial luck.

Stone is one of the most commonly used basic materials in landscape engineering. With the continuous development of the landscape industry, the variety of natural stone and processed stone is becoming increasingly abundant, and the use of stone is also becoming more widespread. This article elaborates on the landscape characteristics and development and utilization of stone, introduces the types of stone, the physical and chemical characteristics of stone, the selection of stone, and the landscape application of stone.

1. Circular landscape wall

The best explanation for the partition function in gardens is that it is “transparent but not transparent, and separated but not leaked”. The meaning of ’round’ has become increasingly vague and mysterious, and it has also become more infused into nature. When the “round” element is applied to modern architecture, behind the strong Chinese style, it also reflects the inheritance and inheritance of the “rounded and perfect” spiritual prototype.

The landscape wall, with its beautiful shape and diverse combination forms, has strong landscape appeal and is an indispensable part of the garden space. During the design process, independent landscapes can be formed through the configuration of bamboo, wood, bricks, and green plants.

2. Geometric landscape wall

The sense of disorder is like the beauty of deviation in rationality.

3. Landscape wall

The lines of mountains and clouds flow with a flowing aura, creating a heavenly charm that echoes the clouds like the mist of cranes. The immortal sound curls up and moves elegantly and flexibly.

In garden landscapes, landscape walls have a strong sense of space, and there are various garden spaces with different functions that often need to be used separately. Therefore, it is necessary to use landscape walls or partitions to reasonably and effectively separate garden spaces.

4. Hollow out landscape wall

The hollowed-out wall forms are stacked together, creating a virtual reality between the inside and outside, and a hierarchy of brightness and darkness, overlapping the traditional Eastern literati’s pursuit of dignity, order, and harmony.

5. Curved landscape wall

The design of the circular forest landscape wall varies greatly due to its different functions, themes, and forms, resulting in ever-changing final presentation effects. In the design process, it is particularly necessary to analyze the environment where the park is located and understand its cultural background, building demands, and overall style. Based on this, design can be carried out to enhance the overall landscape and even add a finishing touch.

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