Why Is High-grade Grey Marble So Popular?

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In recent years, in interior decoration, the words of high-grade gray and gray marble are very outstanding, the heat continues unabated, and they are more popular. So why is “advanced grey” so popular? Why does everyone like gray marble? In this article, I will lead you into the “gray” tone to uncover the secret!


Gray is a series of colors between black and white, which can be roughly divided into dark gray and light gray. Using gray is difficult to make too serious mistakes. It seems that it can match any color. Because of its neutrality, it is often used as the background color, which can make other colors stand out. The gray tone design, whether outdoor or indoor, is to make other colors or decorations more prominent. Gray belongs to the colorless system, which gives people a calm feeling in the design.

With a natural charm and the help of black technology, advanced gray gradually invades and immerses into life, which has become the texture aesthetics of life“ “Gray” color is not only used in home decoration villas, many office buildings, and even sales centers are decorated with “gray” color, that is, the “advanced gray” that has always appeared in everyone’s eyes. However, high-grade gray without gray marble has no soul, so gray marble is also very popular in recent years, which is favored by many owners and designers.


High-grade gray is a kind of color system with very rich connotations and strong artistic expression. It is low-key but not out of tune. It can be said that high-grade gray has really caught the limelight in the stone industry in recent years. Therefore, the reason why high-grade gray is very popular is definitely not accidental, on the contrary, it is inevitable.

In order to meet the market demand, stone people explore high-quality gray marble all over the world, with dozens and hundreds of varieties. The following 10 may be the most popular varieties of gray marble

1. Castle ash (Turkey)

The appearance of Castle grey is simple and elegant. The high-grade grey in the color is classic, elegant and versatile. It is suitable for large-scale use and can fully reflect the designer’s ingenious ideas and exquisite creativity. Bring a low-key and luxurious beauty to modern space.

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2. Hermes grey (China)

The background color is mainly blue, gray, and black. Some are between blue and gray. The grain has white reticulation, ice crack, and less reticulation. Hermes grey shows the elegant and fashionable beauty of the top stone. The low-key light grey extends the vision of space, showing simplicity, generosity and fluency.

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3. Yundora ash (Turkey)

The lingering gray and the noble texture that cannot be copied show the romantic style of Turkey from the outside to the inside. The elegant gray tone is natural and soft, just like the natural clouds on the surface. The hard and delicate texture makes the space quiet, elegant, soft, noble, low-key, charming, exquisite, and luxurious, and has a classical charm, which is especially loved by the majority of designers.

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4. Bulgarian ash (Iran)

Bulgarian grey, a natural stone from Iran, has a delicate and profound grey, combined with simple and eye-catching white lines, revealing a strong personality in solemnity.

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5. Maya grey (Turkey)

The low-key implies implicit beauty, showing the hierarchical texture of the texture. The mottled texture is like the mottled erosion of cultural buildings brought by years, and also like the flowing vitality under the static water. The embellishment of dark and light color blocks adds a mysterious experience to it.

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6. Altman grey (Turkey)

There are patterns similar to Altman beige, and the neutral gray tone is easy to match, which can naturally transition between cold and warm tones. When applied in a large area, it is more suitable for modern and postmodern space styles.

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7. Cyprus grey (Turkey)

The texture of Cyprus gray is natural and soft, hard and delicate. Gray and white complement each other to form a classic gray and white image, making the whole board colorful and natural. Let the space be quiet, elegant, simple, and reflect the beauty of modern simplicity.

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8. Modern grey (Turkey)

The light gray background is scattered with irregular white texture, which is free and random. It caters to the free heart of modern people. The overall tone is warm, which brings warmth in the cool modern style decoration.

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9. Xingyaohui (Cambodia)

The simple and refined Xingyao gray presents the modern aesthetic effects of different personalities, deduces low-key luxury with implicit and restrained gray, and gives space soul, and taste! Elegant and quiet, unique charm.

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10. Fish maw ash (Brazil)

The mottled gray traces on the surface are staggered, and the whole is slightly rough. The flexible gray is natural, with elegant and natural texture, transparent and delicate texture. It is suitable for all kinds of spaces, highlighting the simple style of texture and presenting the beauty of marble in every corner.

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At present, modern style decoration is popular, and stone decoration plays an important role in it. The matching and control of the overall color add a thick ink and heavy color to the warm home. There are a variety of stone colors. Among them, gray marble is representative of high-grade gray. Natural artifact makes everything quiet and invisible. Marble is a spiritual transmission and a spatial characteristic, A memory point.

With the exquisite beauty of marble, the unique and unrepeatable natural texture, and the unique texture combined with the tone of high-grade gray, it not only adds a high-end style to high-grade gray, makes high-grade gray decoration more modern and fashionable, but also endows fashion soul. Well, this article is written here. I look forward to your more sharing emails sales@sntstone.com.

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