Have To Love The Stone Texture

Natural stone noble, elegant, beautiful, charming, beautiful area in the texture, natural stone texture such as beautiful girl gorgeous clothes, such as beautiful mountains and rivers between the ribbon, the natural stone texture is like a person lost his life, without the soul! In this article, we will talk about the story of stone texture.

Anyway stone texture concept

Stone texture is an image and pattern formed by the composition, structure, and structure of the stone. This is due to geological movement, physical and chemical changes occurring inside the earth. Stone rich variation of the texture of the stone is very important, is to measure whether the stone has a good decorative performance of the important index. Stone texture has straight lines, twill, random lines, mesh, dot lines, landscape lines, waves, stripes, and so on.

1. Type of stone texture

1) the wavy lines

Wavy grain texture is rare in stone, when I first saw this grainstone, the first thing to think of is the blue sea waves turbulent, imagine the sea cold magnificent scene. Is loved by the texture of stone, because it is a natural product of nature, contains the natural world’s strange natural beauty.

2) straight grain

Ruled texture commonly exists in stone, stone is a very common form of texture. Seemingly bland texture, but if the design is used well, can also create an artistic decorative effect, dreamlike environment.

3) wood grain

Woodgrain texture can best express the decorative effect of wood. Apply the stone material of wood grain texture to achieve first-class adornment effect absolutely on ambry, obtain lumber cannot achieve adornment effect at all.

4) fills

Random grain texture on the stone is very common, bland, but with a unique color, can also become the top stone. Disorderly grain texture to use good words can also have a good decorative effect.

5) Landscape painting

Landscape painting texture stone is the treasure of stone texture, if you get the treasure of a famous hand landscape painting, it can not only be used as a high-grade art collection but also can be placed in the prominent position of the hall in the home to show off the artistic taste of the owner, elegant style.

6) Agate stone texture

Agate pattern can also be called egg pattern, its surface texture is like egg cut section, inside for the egg heart, outside for the protein formed texture. Agate stone is a particularly popular stone texture, especially suitable for background wall decoration, making ornaments, and small craft ornaments.

7) Jade texture

Jade texture stone is the most popular in these years, nearly crazy pursuit of stone. Jade texture stone in addition to the elegant, winding appearance of the figure, the surface is clear and transparent, crystal clear, varied, myriad changes, shining people.

2. The beauty of stone texture

The beauty of stone texture lies in the natural plain, in the natural change, in the natural charming, in the natural performance. The beauty of stone texture is undoubted, it has accompanied the development of human beings through the course of thousands of years, and has been accompanied by human progress and continuous progress, development. In the new era, under the new historical conditions, how to excavate the deep connotation of natural stone texture, reproduce the real intrinsic aesthetic value of stone texture, artistic nutrition is the mission of those of us who “play stone”.

● Anyway stone texture processing

Although the stone texture is very beautiful, the exquisite processing technology can make the beauty of the stone to the extreme.

1. The design of stone pattern should be careful

The full display of the beauty of stone texture, the designer must have a serious attitude, strive for the perfection of the spirit of work, according to the characteristics of stone texture design pattern, material planning strictly according to the texture characteristics of the material, the careful calculation can achieve perfect texture display effect, to receive the artistic setting, rendering effect.

2. Careful repair of stone

Natural stone, especially natural marble, is not as perfect as it looks. We see such beautiful stone is carefully repaired after the beautiful appearance. Those special textures of the stone must be carefully repaired to the stone, not to mention the neglect of the treatment of every defect on the stone surface.

3. Surface form

The surface form of stone products is mainly smooth, which accounts for more than 90% of the stone products. This is a wrong idea. The use of the stone surface form should depend on the environment of the stone products, the theme expressed by the designer, and the artistic conception. It is not necessary to use the form of a smooth surface to express the stone luminous, shining scene. Stone surface forms have many forms. Smooth surface, matte surface, antique surface, sandblasting surface, pickling surface, etc.

4. Texture connection

Stone texture is good, to receive a good effect of art decoration is also in the texture of the processing, how to deal with the texture to pay attention to skills. As for how the specific textures are connected, I have covered them in detail in other articles and will not repeat them in this article.

5. Symmetry of texture

Symmetry is widely used in the stone texture. The pattern of grain texture is processed by using the principle of symmetry. The principle of symmetry has been widely used in the processing of stone texture patterns.

As a stone person, I was completely fascinated by the surface texture of natural stone and couldn’t get out of it. For anyone who loves life, there must be as much love for natural stone texture as I do. Well, this article will write here first, looking forward to you can send me sales@sntstone.com, share more natural stone beauty.

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